50-Year-Old Woman Wants Fresh Look For Son's Wedding Gets Sassy Short Red Hair Making Everyone's Eyes Pop

Lori from Sioux Falls, South Dakota needed a change. It was almost her 50th birthday and she wanted to make a big impression at her son's upcoming wedding.

The majority of her life by now has largely been dedicated to the wellbeing of her children.

Now that her youngest is 17 years of age, Lori thought she finally deserved to pamper herself - and that's exactly what she did.

There's a reason we love makeover shows so much. It's always so exciting to see how much a new look will change someone. Just as the new look can completely alter their appearance, oftentimes, these total makeovers change how someone feels about themselves on the inside.

This is the case with Lori when she received her makeover.


For her makeover, Lori turned to none other than MakeOverGuy, Christopher Hopkins. Hopkins is known around the world as a beauty expert and the go-to guy for makeovers.

Based out of Minneapolis, Hopkins owns Revamp Salonspa, in addition to being the bestselling author of Staging Your Comeback, A Complete Beauty Revival for Women over 45. Hopkins went on to self-produce various web series to encourage women to take control of their looks.

As his career progressed, Hopkins eventually opened his Minneapolis-based MakeOverGuy, where he does the majority of his makeovers. Based on their budget, anyone can go to Hopkins for a life-changing new look.

Since she was excited to make such a drastic change in her life, Lori signed up for the works. She asked Hopkins to do what he does best.

She watched all his videos and knew that Hopkins knew what he was doing. Though she expected to love her new style, she wasn't prepared for how amazing her big reveal was.

Once Christopher's magic hands went to work, Lori was blown away. "This is sophistication that I've never had before!" Lori gushed.

The younger and sassier look that she hoped for couldn't have been anymore on point. As she was tired of looking "just like everyone else", Lori was so shocked that the MakeOverGuy gave her a totally new red cut!

Fierce and fiery, Lori's new 'do is a complete departure from the brown lob she had before. She definitely looks like the sassiest grandma we know!

What do you think of Lori's makeover? Have you done anything drastic with your looks? We would love to hear your stories - and how your loved ones reacted to it too - so make sure you let us know! Know anybody who might smile by seeing this today? Go ahead and pass this along to your friends and family!