5-Year-Old Girl Steals The Show During Preschool Graduation With Funny Dance Moves

Kids say and do the wildest things, and we can almost guess that any kind of program or performance that includes a group of them is sure to provide some extra entertainment.

This was definitely true at a recent preschool graduation ceremony where a group of youngsters included song and dance in their routine. While the popular kid’s song “Tooty Ta” is sure to get kids moving their whole bodies, a little five-year-old girl named Lily took the song as an invitation to truly get her boogie on!

When the music starts, Lily is already dancing, swinging her entire body while the rest of the class stands by watching her. Then, once it’s time for the lyrics to come into play, Lily really ups her dancing game!

“Tooty Ta” is a very rhythmic song that gives children the chance to use their whole bodies in dance from their thumbs to elbows, feet, knees, and tongue. Lily took advantage of her opportunity and definitely made the most of the song, throwing her entire body into the dance.


While some of the other kids in the program were much more shy and reserved, Lily made up for them all! When it came time for “bottoms up”, the adorably little girl stuck her rear up in the air and began to swing it so wildly that she couldn’t turn around when it was time for the next move!

Lily certainly provided entertainment for everyone, with the entire audience breaking out in laughter at her antics. She ultimately stole the show with all eyes turned on her as she threw her entire heart, soul, and body into her dance moves.

Lily’s grandmother, Martina, was nearby with camera in hand, videoing the entire performance. When she saw how funny everyone found Lily’s moves, she knew that she had to share it with the rest of the world.

According to Martina, she wanted to give everyone a reason to smile and distract their minds from their troubles for a few minutes.

After posting the video online, it quickly went viral with over 12 million views within two days. It looks like Martina accomplished her purpose and that Lily’s dance won’t soon be forgotten!

Watch the fun performance in the video below:

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