5-Year-Old Charmingly Cuddles Her New Baby Sister To Sleep

When a new baby is brought to the house, a jealous older sibling can be a heartbreaking situation.

If the oldest child is accustomed to being the center of attention, they might not understand why Mom and Dad are spending so much time with Baby. This big sister though, had no trouble connecting to her new sibling.

That isn't always the case, though, as this video shows. Five-year-old Evelynn does not appear to struggle with jealousy. She wants to hold her baby sister, Annabelle, and is protective of her already. In these touching images, we see a big sister cradling her newborn sibling.

The baby, in turn, watches with a relaxed expression; perhaps her sister's presence makes her feel safe.


The caption of this heartwarming video describes the bond that is developing between these sisters:

“She [Evelynn] has been such a big helper and she loves holding her baby sister any chance she gets!”

Friendship has already begun to blossom when they are both young. These two girls are going to share many more precious moments in life.

Evelynn's mother recorded this special moment, no doubt overjoyed that her daughters were getting along so well. What parent doesn't want their children to love one another so deeply?

In the video, she records Evelynn carefully supporting her baby sister's head to make sure she is comfortable. Evelynn even speaks softly to Mom, as if to avoid frightening Annabelle, who is beginning to doze off.

Moments like this can give a broken heart hope that they are never alone. It might be a parent, sister, or best friend, but there will always someone to offer comfort in a vulnerable moment. It's easy to feel alone; the world has become a harsh place where weakness leads to pain. Love soothes the hurt of these injuries, no matter what a person's age might be.

Videos like this give hope that there is room for tenderness in the midst of chaos. When people learn to love one another at a young age, it becomes a habit to help survive adulthood. Do you know someone who needs a reminder of love's healing power? Be sure to show them this video!