5-Year-Old Boy Called 911 To Order A Kid's Meal And An Officer Responded To The ‘Emergency’

The definition of a 911 emergency depends on who you ask. If you ask 5-year-old Charlie what emergency means, it would fit outside the textbook definition. To him, emergency meant a cheeseburger Happy Meal. Charlie intended to place his order with McDonald's, but instead, called the police. Even though the dispatcher informed him that he had not called McDonalds, Charlie placed an order anyway.

The Mesa Police Department has had its share of unusual calls, but this was a first. Amused by it, dispatcher Anthony Bonilla asked Charlie to put his parents on the phone. When he informed Charlie's father of his son's actions, he was totally caught off guard but found humor in it, too.


According to 12 News, as a matter of standard protocol, Mr. Bonilla dispatched an officer to Charlie's residence to conduct a welfare check. When Officer Randolph Valdez arrived, he concluded no emergency existed.

However, he saw an opportunity to teach Charlie about 911 appropriateness and ran with it. After the lesson, a very happy Charlie got just what he wanted.

According to 12 News, the Mesa Police Department chimed in with expressions of humor and gratitude for the dedication of one of its own. Officer Valdez went beyond the call of duty and straight to McDonald's to make sure a young boy got his Happy Meal. It was wearing a badge and caring for the community--a message that resonates well with the public.

Aside from the practical lessons, Charlie's teaching moment inspired a lesson of the heart. Impacted by Officer Valdez's kindness, Charlie's mother, Kim, decided that their family would seek opportunities to give in small, compassionate ways.

Kim, who snapped the viral images, was also moved that Charlie had done this for his sister, whose best interests he often looks after. Prior to this, she wasn't even aware that her son knew 911. 

Perhaps there are other lessons to be learned, one of which is that doing selfless acts for others can result in the extraordinary. Charlie's decision to help his sister resulted in millions of people seeing that little people can do big things. But, then again, there just may be one more lesson to learn: the definition of emergency can sometimes be in the mind of the beholder!

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