5 Ways To Know If You Have A Phony Friend

Apr 12, 2018 by apost team

There are plenty of phony, two-faced people out there who only do things that benefit themselves, and sometimes they’re the very people we call “friends.” You may not realize you’re being played at first, because a phony friend often comes off as nice and generous towards you. But this behavior is meant to benefit them, and no one else.

So how can you know for sure if your friend is not actually genuine? Here are five signs you can look for!

1. They aim to please

A phony friend will agree with you on your opinions and views, but this isn’t because they think you’re right or want you to be happy. They are quick to agree with someone with opposing views because they want to be accepted and liked by all.


2. They rarely talk about themselves

A fake friend doesn’t like to answer questions about themselves or share any opinions. They fear rejection and being disliked, so they rather avert the attention back to you so they can agree with what you say. A friend who won’t share themselves with you is no real friend.

3. They give you over-the-top gifts

Giving gifts feels amazing, especially if it’s from the heart. However, a phony friend wants to make sure they give you the best and most lavish gift to impress others. This is not for your benefit, they just want to appear elevated and like they are the better person.

4. They are overly respectful towards power

It is polite to be respectful towards everyone, but a phony friend is quick to throw you under the bus (privately of course) if it means they’ll look good in the eyes of someone with power. However, if you’re the one in power, this fake person will be overly nice to you to get what they want.

5. They crave attention

A phony friend doesn’t like talking about themselves, which is why they steal your stories, ideas, or jokes and tell them to other people so they can receive the recognition. This fake friend prefers to take credit for something you’ve done, and would not hesitate to give a dramatic speech in your honor just so the attention is on them.

Does this sound like anyone you know? Have you successfully spotted phony friends before? We’d love to know your tips for sniffing them out! Be sure to pass this article on to your friends and family!