5 Things You Accidentally Do Because You Had Your Heart Broken Multiple Times

Unfortunately getting your heart broke is something that is going to happen and usually, you'll experience more than one time. It will cause you to change no matter how hard you try not to. You won't even notice because it wasn't something that happened abruptly. It was a gradual change that occurred over a period of time. Below you'll find 5 things that you do just because you have had your heart broken.

1. You no longer trust the ones you should


You've been hurt, abandoned, and mistreated by some of ones you loved the most. Because of this, it's only natural for you to have issues. You thought you could trust your loved one more than anyone you knew. They were the one you relied on and the one you turned to for everything but they were also the one that caused you to hurt more than you ever have before. After you experienced that type of pain, you felt you can't trust anyone ever again, especially someone new.

Your tactic is to avoid the issue and not trust anyone. It's not a decision that you are consciously making and you likely don't even realize that you do it. The truth is there are guys out there that truly do deserve you and will keep you safe.


2.  You're Negative


Since your heart has been broken, your outlook on life has become quite negative. You used to be a very positive person. Since the breakup you have been filled with disappointment and sad thoughts. You have simply changed. No matter what the situation is, you always expect the worst possible outcome from everything and everyone. You probably don't even realize this is happening, it's just your body's natural defense at this point in your life. Your hopes and dreams were crushed over and over so you won't allow yourself to hurt like that again. It feels like it doesn't hurt as bad when you lower your expectations. And, when something good happens it turns into a surprise.

3. Setting up yourself for sabotage


In the past, men have hurt you over and over again. But, now your happiness lies in your own hands and you control every aspect of whether you are happy or not. What this means is that you are creating self sabotage by not allowing yourself to be happy just because of things that happened in the past. It happens every time that you even think about letting go and being happy. Those past demons sneak up and get into your head. And, you let them convince you stay unhappy and also to expect the worst out of every single person that walks into your life. You'll never be able to move on with these expectations.

4. You come off as rude


You really are a very loving person with an extremely big heart. But, the life you have experienced has taught you to not let other people see this side of you. You think that it makes you vulnerable and that others will be able to use it to their benefit. You build walls around you to keep out toxic people. You think this will protect you from hurt. You don't open up to others and definitely don't allow new people into your life. Others sometimes mistake your walls for being rude and unkind and it's not really the person you are.

5. You've turned into a skeptic


Something that's changed is how you view the world through skeptical eyes. You try your best not to but you can't help it. You don't believe in love anymore and you think that people who do are living a fairy tale dream. You are happy for those that you know that are happy and in love but you find yourself doubting they'll actually stay together. You believe they will eventually have a failed relationship and end up hurt just like you did. True love just doesn't exist in your book anymore and your behavior reveals it whether you notice it or not.

Are you struggling with a breakup? Do you know someone that has changed because of a breakup? Pass this on to others so it can help them. We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!