5 Things To Remember When You're Experiencing An Anxiety Attack

There are a lot of bad consequences that come with an anxiety attack. It can make you feel ill to the point of vomiting. You might experience dry mouth or you might start to sweat out of seemingly nowhere. Your heart will start to pound in your chest. Worst of all of that, however, is the feeling of isolation. Whenever an anxiety attack hits, you feel as though you are adrift on your own island far away from anyone who matters or supports you. Instead, you're just alone with the crushing weight of anxiety on your chest. Since anxiety attacks are difficult - practically impossible - to predict, preparing for one is hard. To help you out, here are five things you should keep in mind when you experience an anxiety attack.

1. Focus On The Present


By and large, anxiety attacks are typically associated with fear. Take a moment to look around you. Is there anything particularly scary? Anything that threatens you? If so, then perhaps you need to excuse yourself from the situation. If not, then take heart in that knowledge. There is nothing there to hurt you. In cases of social anxiety, especially, you may feel pressured to engage in conversation or to even go to a social event at all. In those moments, remember that you have the power to walk away from the situation whenever you need to.


2. Consider What Might Be Triggering You


While anxiety attacks can sometimes seem to crop up out of nowhere, there's usually a reason. Something somewhere has likely triggered it. As such, take a few moments to examine yourself and your surroundings. Think about why you might be feeling like you're having an anxiety attack. Is it the room? The lights? Are there too many people? By understanding the trigger, you can start to overcome it.

Most importantly, keep in mind that the trigger is just that - a trigger. It's only there for a short while. You'll make it through the attack just like you've made it through all of the ones that came before.

3. Breathe


One of the most powerful exercises you can perform during an anxiety attack is to breathe deeply. If you prefer to do this in privacy, then head to the nearest bathroom or even just step outside for a moment. You can easily come up with an excuse like you forgot your phone or wallet if you feel like admitting that you're having an anxiety attack is too embarrassing. Once you're in that safe place, focus on your breathing. You can even place a hand against your heart to help ground yourself. By breathing in slowly through your nose and out through your mouth, you can help to regulate your heart rhythm. This is an important aspect to remember. You control your body.

4. You're Able To Make It Through The Attack


Although the symptoms of an anxiety attack can be quite severe, it's important to know that you can make it out. For those who have suffered from anxiety attacks before, you know this. You made it through the others, so there's no reason why you can't make it through this one, too. You've accomplished far more than just beating an anxiety attack, too. Remembering how strong you are, recalling your accomplishments, and thinking about the things you're going to yet accomplish can help to give you the strength and bravery that you need. Especially when you may feel that you're currently lacking both strength and bravery in the wake of the attack.

5. You Have Support


That feeling of isolation you have during an anxiety attack is going to rear its ugly head. Because of that, it is especially important that you remember that you are loved and supported by your friends and family. They'll understand if you need to leave the situation or cancel plans. They want to help you in any way they can, so you don't have to feel guilty. It's also especially important that you love yourself, too.

Are you struggling with anxiety or do you know someone who has anxiety attacks all the time? Let us know about your experiences and be sure to spread the word about this article - remembering these 5 things might help others as well!

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