5 Things That You Forgot To Thank Your Best Friend's Mom For

Feb 24, 2016 by apost team

Yes, your mother raised you and loved you and made you the wonderful person you are today. Chances are, though, you had another mom in your life, your best friends mom. Your best friend's mother was that other woman in your life who cherished you and entertained you educated you and kept you safe. Did you ever stop and thank her for all the amazing things she did for you? If you haven't, isn't it time to? Here're a few of the things your friend's mother did for you that you could thank her for.

1. For Supporting You No Matter What. Thank you for always listening to my dreams, ideas and frustrations, and wiping away my tears. Thank you for believing in me no matter how crazy my teenage life got at times. 2. For Making Me Part of Your Family. When I was at your house I always felt welcomed and comfortable. You fed me, hugged me, took me on family trips and took care of me just like my mother did. It all meant the world to me and I wanted to finally thank you. 3. For Being My Second Mom. Thank you for always being there for me just like you were there for your own daughter. I could tell you tales about the boys at school, some I wouldn't have dared to tell my own mother. : wink: Thanks for keeping those secrets safe with you. We developed a special bond and I really appreciate it. 4. For Hosting All Those Sleepover Parties. Yes, we were loud, crazy and excited, and we could never get to sleep. Still, you laughed with us and made us popcorn and in the morning fed us pancakes. Those were amazing times and I want you to know how grateful I am that you gave up your weekends for all of us. 5. For Being An Amazing Role Model. You hosted parties, made us dinners, drove us everywhere, yet you always remained graceful, kind and beautiful. You were an impeccable role model and you showed me how a woman should be in this world. Share this post and thank her for playing such an important role in your life.