5 Things Every Woman Should Avoid Doing For A Man, Even For The Man She Loves

Listening to women who were older and much wiser than us when we were younger may have included discussions about things they did for their men that ended up backfiring on them down the road. It may have even had an outcome that irreparably changed their life. More often than not, these actions were done out expecting a particular outcome that never materialized because their man just didn’t live up to their expectations. If you weren’t lucky enough to have the benefit of the words of a wise and experienced older woman, then consider these 5 things you should not do when you are in love: 

1. Become Someone Else 

It might begin with a criticism about what you are wearing like instead of pants, he wants you to start wearing short skirts and fishnet stockings. He might even show you a picture of a model from a magazine or his favorite movie star and tell you he wants you to look just like they do. Then, he starts to criticize how you spend your free time and wants you to only participate in his interests and hobbies so you can “spend more time together.” This leads to eventually losing your authentic self entirely and not a healthy way to live your best life. 


2. Stay at Home 

When a relationship starts going in a serious direction, a man who is “Mr. Right” is not going to ask you to give up a career that you have worked hard to build through possibly a college degree and maybe even a couple of promotions and a raise in salary. Instead, he should encourage you to be as successful as you can be as opposed to feeling jealous about your success or competing with you. The only way you should be staying at home and being a housewife is if YOU choose to do it and not because your man told you he wanted you to be at home for him. 

3. Playing Dumb 

If you are in love with a man who gets aggravated with you every time you give your opinion, or even shuts you down when you converse with his friends and family about social or political issues because you are well-read, keep abreast of current issues, and generally are an intelligent human being, then your man truly doesn’t respect the kind of person you are as a well-rounded human being. 

This probably means he wants to mold you into a woman that is best quiet and attached to his arm like a piece of candy as opposed to having an independent mind and her own opinion. Not only is this obvious to other people, but it will be detrimental to your own self-esteem very quickly to constantly be told by the man that you love that he prefers that you are to be seen and not heard when it comes to sharing your opinions on life instead of respecting and celebrating your intelligence. 

4. Ditch Your Friends 

This is a pretty common problem with many women who will start a relationship with a man and all of a sudden their friends find that they are nowhere to be found on those usual nights out a few times a week with the girls. This is especially troubling when you have a long-standing group of friends that have been your core support group for years and your man says they just are not as important anymore as spending time with him.

If a man is intimidated and even jealous of your friendships, then you need to question why he is trying to come between you and them and fix it or you need to question your relationship with him and why he needs you all to himself all the time. 

5. Having Babies 

Needless to say, this is the most serious thing to avoid if the man that you love is insisting that you need to have his baby. Having a child is an important decision that you need to be ready for, above all else. It is your body that will be changing, and your time that will be invested in raising a child. Make sure that both of you are ready for such a commitment before deciding to start a family together.

All of these are things you can make a conscious effort to recognize and take into consideration in any relationship, old or new, and make sure you are not falling into any of these traps. 

You can help others to make the right decisions about their relationships by showing them this article and telling them your experience!