5 Simple Techniques To Create Good Karma

We’ve all heard of karma before, but what does it really mean? Simply put, karma is a universal belief about the reciprocation of energy. If you put out positive energy into the world, karma means that these positive vibes will come right back to you in the form of many blessings.


On the other hand, if all you release is negative energy, you’ll be doomed to have a life full of negative energy bouncing back to you. If you’re someone who likes to remain positive at all times, you probably have a fondness for karma and its surrounding energy. If you haven’t had such good luck manifesting good karma, you may be in need of some advice.

Here are five simple ways to create good karma in meaningful ways.


1. Mindfulness


One of the most important things to learn as we age is how to be mindful towards the people that surround us. Even if life is going great for you, it doesn’t mean that someone else isn’t going through hardship.

It’s important to recognize these issues and emphasize with others. In order to be more mindful about your loved ones and peers, you can practice simply being kind to them. Being kind and mindful about the lives of others allows for good karma to come into play in our lives. Invest yourself into the lifestyles of other people, and allow yourself to feel passionate about their lives.

2. Meditation

istockphoto.com/Marija Jovovic

We’ve all heard of meditation, and perhaps you’ve even given it a try, but how does it help create good karma? Meditation helps us reflect on our lives. Taking time to learn about ways we can improve our lives helps us create a balance within ourselves, allowing us to flourish and prosper.

Even if meditation isn’t necessarily your thing, you should give it a try once in a while in order to manifest good karma into your life. There are many different types of meditation, and each person can find one that suits their needs and lifestyle.

3. Being Helpful


Have you ever stumbled across someone who needed your help? If you turned them down, you may want to rethink this in the future. Being helpful and generous to others is one of the best ways in order to attract good karma.

Even if you are upset with yourself, one of the best ways to turn things around is to take the time to help others out with a problem they are having. Everyone should take more time out of their days to help fix and mend the issues of others. This simple practice can pay off in the long run in the form of good karma

4. Be Honest


Good karma almost requires us to be honest at all times. This doesn’t just mean being self-aware and honest with yourself, but you must practice honesty with the people in your life as well.

If you are a person who likes to lie and deceive others, there is almost no reason for anyone to treat you with honesty. Although the truth can be hard to hear sometimes, it’s worth it in the end. Hiding things from others is no way to live an honest and positive life. Be a little more honest with your peers and you’ll notice that your own personal karma will become overwhelmingly good.

5. Find Your Purpose


One of the more difficult ways to manifest good karma into your life is by finding your life’s mission. Each person should have something that gives them passion and zest for life.

Just make sure that your passion is positive, such as helping others, helping yourself, or contributing something that is greater than us as humans. This purpose can be anything from being a teacher for small children, becoming an animal activist, or helping to reduce climate change. Once you find a great passion, you’ll notice good karma will be on the way.


Although most people are aware of karma, not many people know how to attract it in a positive way. Once you begin to find ways to manifest good karma into your life, your world will be overwhelmed with blessings. What methods do you use to create good karma around you?