5 Reasons To Start Growing Your Own Herb Garden

Jan 03, 2019 by apost team

A lot of people are wary of starting any kind of gardening because they think they have to have a green thumb to succeed. Not only that but growing a herb garden may seem like a lot of work for very little reward.

Others don't understand the point of growing a herb garden when those same herbs are available at the supermarket. Well, these are all great points, and we are going to address them here. Here are the top five reasons to grow your own herb garden from home.



1. Helps You Live a Healthier Lifestyle


When we are picking produce, we typically choose what we want based on its colour and the size. Marketing people understand this, and in turn, the produce is bred in a manner to look much healthier then it might actually be.

Because of this, we can never be truly sure of the produce in our supermarkets because a simple visual inspection won't tell us if it has been injected with hormones in order to make it look more appetizing. There is also no way of knowing what kind of soil, pesticides, and fertilizers that have been used. This is why so many people are choosing the organic route when they do their shopping.

If you decide to grow your own produce, however, you are in complete control of everything that goes into your herbs. This means you get to choose what fertilizers you want and if you want to use pesticide or not. Not only that, you can grow just the herbs that you like to use, and they come fresh, providing you with the best nutrition they can supply. There is no telling exactly how long it has been since those herbs at the store have been harvested.

2. Healthier for Your Wallet, Too


When you go to the store and you pick out a container of fresh herbs, you are likely to pay somewhere between $3 and $5, depending on the herbs and your region. There is a lot of convenience that goes into getting your herbs from the store, but the amount you pay is ridiculous once you realize how cheap and easy it is to grow your own herb garden.

Having your own also helps to eliminate waste. Fresh herbs will only keep in your fridge for so long, and more often than not some of it has to be thrown away.

Rather than spending that money on herbs, you can instead get more then enough seeds for your garden for around $1. Once you have your garden growing you no longer have to worry about if the herbs in the fridge have gone bad. Simply go and get what you need straight from your garden.

It may seem expensive starting off, seeing as you may need fertilizer, tools, and other expenses related to the garden. This all depends on the size of your garden. But keep in mind, that this is just the start up cost. In the long run, your wallet will thank you

3. Be Environmentally Friendly


Once you decide to incorporate organic gardening into your life you are getting closer to self-sustainability. This helps to conserve resources as well as provide benefits to the environment. This is a major step to green living.

Having this garden is likely to make you more aware of your impact on the environment, helping you to be more conscious of other needs, like recycling your biodegradable waste into compost, which will help you grow new healthy plants.

By doing this, you contribute less waste, you also help to reduce the amount of air pollution in your area.

4. You Can Grow Your Herb Garden Wherever


Just because you live in the city doesn't mean that you are unable to grow a garden. A huge backyard isn't necessary to grow your herbs. You can easily grow your own personal herb garden on your windowsill or balcony. A lot of landscape designers actually use herbs as ornamental plants. All you need is a little sunlight or a special grow lamp. I like to have mine in the window by the kitchen sink.

A herb garden is also an excellent way for you to reuse old jars, buckets, or tubs. You don't need to purchase anything all that special, so you can use whatever you have at home.

You can even start growing the saplings inside of egg shells, then once they get bigger you transfer them to a bigger container, shell and all. The eggshell will break down and provide nutrients to the plant.

5. It's So Easy


You don't have to be an expert gardener in order to grow your own herbs. If you are new to gardening in general, then an herb garden is actually a wonderful starting place for you. You don't have to fertilize them heavily and you can always pick herbs that grow well in your particular climate. If you are growing indoors, you can even grow year round.

You can grow this nearly anywhere you want and there is very little required to maintain them. As I said, I have my herb garden in the window over my kitchen sink. That window doesn't get a whole lot of light throughout the day, but the herb garden still thrives. I love being able to walk over and snip off whatever I need to add it to my nightly dinners.

I think that creating your own herb garden is a very rewarding experience for both veterans and beginners. It can even be a great experience for the whole family. I involved my daughters in the entire process and they absolutely loved it. We are all extremely proud of our little herb garden.

Why not sit down with the family and look over this article together to see if this is something that you all would love to do together? This is a great way to help your children to be more conscious of the environment and the impact of waste.