5 Reasons Kids Today Are Bored, Entitled, Impatient, And Have Few Friends

Sep 11, 2017 by apost team

Ever wonder why children today always feel bored? Why they act entitled? They seem to have little patience? Or why they only have a few real friends?


Occupational Therapist Victoria Prooday chalks these behaviors up to 5 major things

1. They Have Technology at their Fingertips

Oftentimes technology acts as a "free babysitter" for today's children. But in reality it alters their nervous systems, attention spans, and the ability for them to delay gratification. Technology disconnects children from reality and overstimulates them. This makes it all the more difficult kids to focus in the classroom and emotionally connect with their peers and families.

2. They Get What They Want When They Want It

When they say they're hungry on a car trip, you stop at a drive through. When they're bored, they grab a tablet and play games. Because they get things right away it keeps them from the benefits of delayed gratification. In the long run, it will keep them from being emotionally able to handle even the smallest of stressors, which can lead to much larger obstacles later in life.

3. Their Parents Let Them Be in Charge

Parents create any number of excuses for their children and allow them to dictate what their parenting duties are. And they listen to them even when they know what's best for them! This sets up a mentality that kids only have to do what they want and can ignore what they don't want. Further down the road, this makes it much more difficult for them to achieve goals. They'll only do what they want instead of everything necessary to make things happen for themselves.

4. Their Lives are an Endless Stream of Fun

Parents create an artificially entertaining world for their kids. They think they're not being good parents if their child isn't completely happy in every moment. They're trained to think kids always have fun and parents always do the work. This does not train their brains for how to function in monotonous tasks or how to deal with boredom.

5. Their Social Interactions are Too Limited

In our busy world, we give kids gadgets to keep them busy as well. This habit erases the age old practice of playing outside and with other kids. This stunts their social skills and makes it harder for them to connect with others people in settings like school, dance class, soccer practice, and even with their families.


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