5 Minutes A Day, Up To 4 Centimeters Less On The Tummy – Workout The Japanese Way

Following a simple Japanese technique may improve your posture and make you look slimmer.

Your posture plays a dramatic role in your physical appearance, but the unfortunate reality is that many people today have bad posture. This is most commonly attributed to a sedentary lifestyle, but it could also be caused by multiple other things. With poor posture, your body naturally hunches forward, and this could be creating a flabby appearance.

By following a simple Japanese technique, you may be able to improve your posture and reduce the appearance of flabbiness around your midsection.

Straightening your spine for optimal health and a lovely physique may sound challenging and time-consuming, but the technique is easy for most people to do at home and requires only five minutes each day. When your posture is straighter, your tummy will appear slimmer. In addition, your various internal organs will shift into a natural, healthy position. 



To get started with this proven Japanese technique, tightly roll a bath towel, and secure it with a tie. You will need to sit on a firm surface, and the floor is typically the best option available. 


Place the rolled towel directly behind you, and lean back slightly so that the towel is placed directly underneath your navel. This positioning is important for the technique to work properly. After reclining backward slightly, lift your legs so that your feet are approximately even with your shoulders. Place your heels approximately 20 centimeters apart, and connect your big toes together At this point, you should be in an upright V-position. 


Then, place your arms straight down behind you. Your arms should be directly below the head, and your palms should turned downward. Your pinky fingers should be connected on the floor while your big toes are touching in front of you. Maintain this position for at least five minutes or otherwise for as long as possible. 


It may be difficult for you to hold this position for more than a few minutes at first. However, stick with it by practicing the exercise daily. You may notice a gradual improvement in your posture and a slimmer physique with regular effort. 

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