5 Girls Accompany Autistic Teen To Prom After He Thought He’d Have To Go By Himself

Brodie Smith is a 16-year-old student at St. Peter’s Catholic School. Although the teenager has autism that doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy doing typical teenager activities. In fact, he was all ready to walk into the prom as a single guy.

However, before he could enter into the prom a group of girls spotted him and invited him over to take photos with them. 

Brodie was on his way to Hogarths Hotel, the venue for the prom when a group of girls in a Range Rover drove past. They knew Brodie from school and weren’t about to let him make an entrance alone. One of the girls, Rosie, said to the Daily Mail, "We just thought it wouldn’t be nice for anyone to go to prom on their own. We didn’t even know him that well."

So Brodie arrived with the girls in style, however before they parted ways the girls wanted Brodie to take photos with them as well. 


One of the girls, Lottie, said to Daily Mail, "We were just like "we’re not going to let him walk off on his own without getting a photo". We were like "get in the photo", it was just normal." Brodie stood in the middle of the girls wearing his three-piece suit and had a wonderful picture taken outside of the hotel. When Brodie's mother found out about what the girls did it brought her to tears. 

‘I knew nothing about it until a few days later. It touched me – I was in tears. Brodie will never forget that moment," Brodie's mom said to the British tabloid. "He told me he didn’t know the girls very well but they had just stopped and asked him to get in. You can see from the photograph how pleased Brodie was – he had a massive, massive grin."

The girls have since made an appearance on the TODAY show after the photograph went viral. Brodie and his mother, Dianne, also showed up for the interview. Dianne stated that her son was diagnosed with atypical autism many years ago, a condition that can cause problems with communication and socialization.

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