5 Fantastic Workouts Moves For Flattening The Lower Belly

Being overweight and carrying excess belly fat is something that a lot of people deal with. Not only can excess belly fat make you feel bad about yourself, carrying too much weight also has the potential to do some serious damage to your body and organs. With that being said, it is a good idea to try and get rid of belly fat so that you can eliminate these issues out of your life. While being overweight can be a troublesome condition to change, you do have quite a bit of control over your bodyweight and health.

If you are someone who desperately wants to flatten your lower belly, listen up. In this article, you are going to learn about 5 fantastic workout moves that can help you get a flat stomach. 

1. Leg Raises 

The first workout that you can use to get rid of that unwanted lower belly fat is leg raises. Using this workout, you will target the lower part of your abdomen as well as your core.

To perform leg raises, start by lying flat on the ground with your legs out and your hands resting out to your sides. Next, raise your feet up to about 6 inches in the air while also keeping your legs straight. Hold this position for a couple of seconds and then drop your feet back to the ground. If you want to challenge yourself, you can spread your legs apart and then close them back together before your drop them down.

One time up and down is one repetition and you should try to aim for 10-15 repetitions per set. 


2. V-ups

V-ups are another fantastic way to get flatten your lower belly.

To perform a V-up, you will start by lying down on your back on the ground. Next, you need to extend your arms and legs out so that you are fully stretched out. Using your core muscles, you will proceed by bringing yourself up so that you can touch your fingertips to your toes. This touch should occur somewhere in the middle, meaning that you need to bring both your feet and arms up into the air.

One touch is one repetition and you should go for 8-10 repetitions per set. 

3. Toe-Taps

Toe taps are a technique that targets the lower part of your belly.

To perform toe taps, start by lying down on your back. Next, bring your knees up in a 90-degree angle and then alternatively tap your toes to the ground 

Perform 10 per leg per set. 

4. Dead Bug

Dead Bugs are another effective way to reduce belly fat and flatten your stomach.

To start, lie down on your back and bring your legs up in a 90-degree angle. Then raise your arms straight up. Stretch out with your opposite arm and leg in alternating turns

Perform 12-16 per set. 

5. Reverse Crunches

Our final workout move for shedding belly fat is reverse crunches.

Reverse crunches are performed by lying down on your back with your legs extended out. Next, bend your knees and bring them as close to your chest as you can by using your core muscles.

Return to the starting position and repeat 10-15 times per set. 

Hopefully, reading this article has given you knowledge and motivation regarding the steps that you need to take in order to get rid of unwanted belly fat. Knowing what it takes is only the start, and now it is time to begin your journey to a newer, healthier you. Follow these workouts a couple of times per week and you will surely notice a decrease in overall belly fat. Once you have eliminated this burden from your life, you will feel and look much better. 

Pass on this useful workout on to your friends and loved ones so you can find a workout buddy! 

Our content is created to the best of our knowledge, yet it is of general nature and cannot in any way substitute an individual consultation with your doctor. Your health is important to us!