5 Brain-Melting Riddles That Only The Most Intelligent People Can Solve

Most people define "smart" as being able to solve math problems and complex calculations... but here at APost, we think intelligence comes from quick wit and general knowledge. You don't need school-smarts to do well on this quiz - so go ahead, refresh your mind and give it a try!

Riddle No. 1


Riddle No. 2

Riddle No. 3

Riddle No. 4

Riddle No. 5


  1. Distract the crocodiles with the food, take water from the lake, and use it to put out the fire. Then escape through door 1.
  2. 1995 was the room number of the hospital, not the year in which she was born.
  3. This boy was born in 2005 BC, so years are counted in the opposite direction. In 1995 BC, he would have been 10. In 1990 BC, he would have been 15.
  4. My name is Felix. My mother calls me Fe, like Iron from the periodic table, and my father came up with 59, which is LIX in Roman numberals.
  5. The only thing in the empty pocket is a hole.

Did you get them all by yourself, or did you have to peek at the answers? Let us know in the comments and see if your friends can handle these brain-cracking riddles by showing them this article!