43-Year-Old Bearded Dancer Makes An Appearance In Popular Music Video

Most of us have a special place in our souls for music. Music is the one thing we can turn to when we are dealing with a range of emotions. Are you feeling sad? Put on some happy music that will cheer you up. Are you already happy? Continue that feeling with some upbeat dance music. Are you getting ready to see your favorite artist in concert? Why not put on their greatest hits to get you pumped for the show!

Music can be enjoyed by men, women, and children. Many soon-to-be-mothers play music for the babies in their wombs. Young toddlers love to dance to any beat that they hear. Teenagers dance for the camera and upload their fails to YouTube. The list goes on and on, doesn’t it? But one thing is for sure- everyone loves music in one form or another!


One way to go viral online is to upload a video to a popular song. Post Malone, an amazing singer and performer, recorded the song “Wow” to be uploaded to his many friends and fans. Millions of people love his music and his work. However, it is Mike Alancourt who may be remembered the most when it comes to this song! The 43-year-old caught the attention of a national audience when his dance video appeared online. Mike danced to the song “Wow” and was shocked when it garnered more than 23 million views.

Mike is from Jacksonville, Florida and would probably never have guessed that the video would receive so much attention. However, he landed a coveted spot on The Ellen DeGeneres Show after the hit video made the rounds of the internet. But that isn’t the best part of this story! No, Post Malone just released the official music video for the song, with Alancourt as a featured guest. You can watch his smooth moves in the video, along with some awesome footage of their unlikely friendship.

Alancourt was given the invitation to go to Malone’s concert in Arizona while he was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. When he got there, the pair recorded more footage for the hit video. Alancourt was even able to come up on stage and show off his move during that concert.

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