40 Things You Can Move Out Of The House For A More Organized Home

Are you looking for ways to give yourself more space in your home? Start throwing this stuff away and free yourself from clutter.

Old Chargers

If you've been hanging on to a charger from an old digital camera that you were sure you'd need again, even though the camera is long gone, get rid of it. Round up all your cords and toss anything you don't use.

Take-Out Remnants

You know those little sauce packets and extra plastic utensils you hang onto whenever you eat take-out food? They have to go.


Go through your spice cabinet, check expiration dates and throw away anything that's gone bad.


You don't need a box for every item in your home. When and if you move, you can find boxes for packing at the local supermarket.

Old Magazines

Be honest with yourself. You're never going to read the June 1989 edition of Popular Mechanic again. Just throw those old mags away.

Old Makeup

A lot of makeup can play host to infection-causing bacteria. Anything with liquid, such as mascara and liquid eyeliner, should be tossed after six months.

Unwanted Gifts

It's hard to throw away something someone spent money on for you, but you can donate those old gifts to charity.

Broken Stuff

Everything you've been swearing you'll get around to fixing and never have can go in the garbage. If you needed it that bad, you'd have fixed it by now.

Wire Hangers

Wire hangers aren't good for your clothes, and there's always a bunch floating around. Toss 'em.

Disposable Garment Bags

Don't keep those flimsy bags from the dry cleaner. Put them in the recycling and be done with it.

Novelty Plastic Cups

Novelty plastic cups from banks, birthday parties and any business that can stuff a logo on them pile up fast. Do you really use them that much? If not, recycle them.

Shopping Bags

We've all got piles and piles of plastic, cloth and paper shopping bags. Fill a single bag sleeve with plastic bags for small can liners. Recycle paper bags and keep only as many cloth bags as you need for shopping.

College Textbooks

We all know college textbooks cost a fortune, but that doesn't mean they're still useful. Unless you can really use them for reference in your career, they should be sold, donated or recycled.

Estate Items

Do you have knickknacks from family members who have died, but you're only keeping them because you feel bad? Throw them away or donate them if you don't really love them.

Dormant Exercise Equipment

You may have had the best intentions about that treadmill, but if you're not using it, someone else might. Sell it or donate it.

Unused Craft Supplies

If you have craft supplies you're really not going to use, you can donate them to local crafting clubs or schools.

Clothes You Never Wear

If you've used up your closet space, you can get rid of some clothes. Donate anything you don't wear or that, no matter how much you wish they will never fit you again. 

Printed Photos

Printed photos are a thing of the past. Scan them if they're not already digital, save them, back them up on a storage device and get rid of them.

Spare Glasses

Have an old pair of glasses or two at most. Everything extra can be thrown away or donated.

Unmatched Tupperware

Go through your Tupperware. Anything that doesn't have a match can be donated or recycled.

Paint Cans

Your old paint is diminishing in quality every year. If you think you'll need the color again, write it the name and brand down. Dispose of the paint according to your local regulations.


If you've been hoarding every bank statement or art project for years, it's time to purge. Shred important documents and take digital photos of old-school art projects before recycling the paper.

Incomplete Toys

Throw away puzzles with missing pieces, toy soldiers without rifles, etc. If it's been awhile, the piece may never turn up, and your child will have moved on.

Unidentified Clutter

Random straps, screws, plastic bits of unremembered origin can all get thrown away. If you needed it, you'd have missed it.


Go through your medicine cabinet and discard any unused or expired medicine. Check with your local authorities to find a medicine take back in your area.

Old Calendars

No matter how cute the calendar's pictures, if the year is over, it has to go.

Chipped Glass and Plates

Chipped dinnerware can lead to cuts and scrapes. It's never going to be fixed, so it's time to move on.

Empty Medicine Bottles

If you're not legitimately using them to store tiny objects that you actually use, recycle your old medicine bottles.

Old Cell Phones

Technology gets outdated so fast, it's best just to back up your photos and recycle old phones.

Unmatched Socks

It's disappointing to lose a sock, but if you haven't seen the match in a while, it's time to part ways.


If you don't own it, can't return it or the warranty is up, get rid of your old receipts, assuming they aren't a tax deduction.

Greeting Cards

Greeting card piles get bigger and bigger every year. Sometimes, you have to let go and recycle. Ask people for eCards in the future sent to your email.

Uncomfortable Shoes

They might be super fashionable, but if you have a pair of uncomfortable shoes, you're better off donating them to someone they fit properly.

Old Cookbooks

When it comes to cookbooks, if you don't use it, get rid of it.

Stretched-Out Hair Elastics

If they're not holding up your ponytail, you shouldn't be holding on to them.

Old Linens

Towels with holes, scratchy sheets, stained pillowcases and anything you will never use again needs to leave your house and never return.

Old Toiletries

Anything expired or unlikely to be used is just cluttering up your bathroom.

Phone Books

These relics are best recycled immediately.

Wrapping Scraps

Wrapping scraps sometimes get damaged, so toss paper, bows and bags if you can't reuse them.

Old Frozen Food

If it's been there for more than six months, are you really going to eat it?


Let us know if these tips helped you or if you have more tips you would like to share. Send this article to your loved ones so they can be organized too.