4-Year-Old Fighting Cancer Finally Gets To Hug Dad After Nearly Two Months Away From Each Other

Mila Sneddon was unable to see her dad Scott during her leukemia treatment because he was still working amid the COVID-19 lockdown. They finally reunited in their Scotland home earlier this month after spending seven weeks apart.

The current pandemic has impacted a lot of families. While some have been isolating at home together, others have had to make the ultimate sacrifice and live apart in order to keep other members of the household safe.

Scott Sneddon is one of those people who was faced with the tough decision to move out of his family's home. His 4-year-old daughter, Mila, was diagnosed with leukemia and is currently undergoing chemotherapy, according to the Daily Mail.

The chemotherapy has weakened Mila's immune system, leaving her more susceptible to the coronavirus and its deadly complications. Because of this potential risk, Scott and his wife Lynda decided it was best for him to move out of the family's home while he was still working.


For seven long weeks, Scott went to work and then came by the house to visit Mila and Lynda through a kitchen window, according to ITV News. Only being able to give his little girl air hugs was difficult, but it was necessary in order to keep Mila safe. While Scott continued to work, Lynda took Mila back and forth to her chemotherapy treatments at the hospital.

Then, the family received some news. Scott's company furloughed him, along with several other employees. This meant that he could finally return home to be with his family since he was no longer exposed to the coronavirus at work.

Before he could move back home, however, Scott had to self-quarantine for a bit, away from Mila to make sure he didn't have the coronavirus. After the correct amount of time passed, he finally made his way over to his house to surprise Mila with the good news.

Standing outside the front door, Scott told his daughter that he'd be coming home today. At first, Mila didn't believe him and questioned whether or not what he was saying was true. The delighted father confirmed that yes, he was in fact coming home today–news that made Mila jump up and down with joy.

Not only did Scott confirm he was coming home, but he actually did so by walking right through the front door and scooping Mila up into his arms. The entire moment—including the long-anticipated hug between father and daughter—was caught on camera for everyone to enjoy.

The precious moment was made even more special due to the fact that Mila's grandmother recently passed away from the coronavirus, ITV News reports. Lynda described how the passing of her mother has impacted the family, telling reporters, "It's been difficult–it's been challenging. We continue to push through, it's not easy for anybody but Mila is really resilient and inspires us every day."

Now that the whole family is reunited, they can grieve the loss of Lynda's mother together and help Mila during her battle with cancer. This family has endured so much over the past few months, but being together again makes things a little bit easier. The reuniting of father and daughter is just the start of some special moments that are sure to be shared by this inspiring family.

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