4 Tricks Narcissists Use To Get Away With Stealing The Spotlight

Apr 06, 2018 by apost team

We all probably know at least one person who loves the sound of their own voice and frequently traps you in long, one-sided conversations. This person may be harmless and not have the best social skills, but the more likely option is that you're dealing with a devious narcissist.

Narcissists will emotionally drain you with their lies, lack of empathy, and selfishness. They will continue to use you as their mirror to feel good about themselves for however long you'll tolerate it. Look for these 4 warning signs so you can better spot a narcissist and keep them out of your life.


1. They Play Hot Potato With Blame

Narcissists have played this game a lot and they never get burned. As soon as someone tries to hold them accountable for anything wrong they've done, they immediately toss the blame onto someone else. Even worse, they will try to gain everyone's sympathy and make themselves look better while they attack someone innocent.

2. They Twist Conversations

Narcissists always want to brag about themselves and look as good to everyone else as they do in their own heads. This means they are master manipulators who can command any social interaction. They'll even make you feel like you were in control of the situation when they were orchestrating the puppet strings.

3. They Are Always The Victim

Do you know anyone who is always talking about how awful the world is to them? Have you ever considered that maybe this person isn't a magnet for destruction and they are the ones with the hammer? Narcissists will always paint situations in a way so that everyone is always sympathetic to them and not the real victim. Narcissists aren't afraid of causing drama because they know it will only make them look better in the end.

4. They Never Let You Speak

If their conversations aren't focused on them, then they have no interest in speaking to you ever again. Narcissists find a circle of friends who are passive and will let them talk about themselves all the time. Know anybody who never asks about what's going on in your life or changes the subject when you try to relate something they said back to your life? Narcissists effortlessly shift the spotlight back onto them and will be very upset with anyone who won't let them shine. 


Have you ever dealt with a narcissist? Be sure to warn your friends and family of these 4 tricks to prevent them from keeping narcissists in their life!