4-Month-Old Has Conversation With His Dad

Too often, people mistakenly believe that their kids don’t really need to be involved in a conversation until they are older.

Moms and dad tend to think that their baby or toddler can’t comprehend language and that they should only give them one sentence commands.

New video footage of a dad talking to his tiny baby is proof that even the tiniest of children can benefit from a good conversation.

Dad was holding his four-month-old son in his arms when he decided that it was time to start chatting to the tiny child. Thankfully, mom was standing by, ready to capture the moment on video for the entire world to enjoy.

The baby’s name is Nash and, from the video, it becomes obvious that he’s definitely one that likes to chat! As soon as dad holds him up and starts talking to him, little Nash instantly becomes involved. He stares at his dad with a happy smile on his face, ready to join in on the conversation.


For a moment, Nash looks at mom and coos at her, but she directs him to “tell daddy”, which makes the baby turn back to his father. Staring right into his dad’s face, Nash begins to babble in a way that sounds like he is anxious to get his point across.

While the baby talks, dad is happy to talk right back to him. He uses a gentle voice to convince Nash to keep going, showing the baby that what he has to say is important – even if dad can’t totally understand everything he’s trying to get across.

When Nash lifts his arms and makes an unusual position, it looks like he’s about to shoot a bow and an arrow. Dad takes this as a chance to ask him about the animal that he’s trying to hunt, urging the baby to start talking all over again.

Pediatricians explain that the coos and babbles of a baby are their first attempts at using language and their parents’ response urges them to keep going, prompting them to learn to speak.

You can watch the adorable video of little Nash for yourself and enjoy this special moment that he shares with his dad. How soon do you think parents should start talking to their babies? Let us know in the comment section below and then invite your friends to enjoy the sweet video as well.