4 Dogs In A Car Howle In Excitement Once Their Owner Tells Them They’re Going To The Park

Life is made up of a combination of the little things that make you happy. These four huge, energetic dogs that you are about to watch were headed to the park for some play time. They can make you happy by just watching their reactions.

T3, an active YouTuber hailing from Canada recently shared a video of his dogs. The funny video broke the internet with a fantastic audience reception. T3 introduced his dogs to the internet by explaining how his buddies react when going to their favorite park.


You can tell that the four dogs come from the same family from their physique and how they interact. At the start of the video, one of the dogs is in hiding and the other three are seated calmly waiting for the big news.

T3 comes to a momentary stop, veering off to the park; he reveals that they are going to their favorite destination. All the dogs now up, the mood changes. Even the one in hiding is out to enjoy the ride towards the park.

The dogs start to bark in excitement. We can see T3 smiling and happy that his four-legged puppies are excited too.

He is forced to pull the windows up to contain the most joyful moods. It is literally appealing to watch all five occupants alive and happy about the simplest of things: going to the park.

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