3-Year-Old Drummer Takes The Stage And Leads Orchestra Of Adult Musicians

Sep 12, 2018 by apost team

Have you ever had a moment in your life when you experienced real wonder? The audience of the New State Concert Hall of Arnold Katz in Novosibirsk sure did when three-year-old Lyonya Shilovsky took their breath away by leading a whole adult orchestra without a single note or sheet of music!

Amazing? The crowd certainly thought so when they showered young Lyonya with a rousing round of applause and a bouquet of flowers after he navigated through Jacques Offenbach’s Orpheus in the Underworld like a pro!

Offenbach's piece, also known as Can-Can, is notoriously finicky and difficult for many adult musicians let alone a child, but clearly, Lyonya is no ordinary three-year-old child!


Now the internet is buzzing with this amazing video that is warming hearts and showing us that we are never too young or too old to shoot for our dreams. Young Lyonya expertly dealt with the crescendos and cadenzas of the difficult score with ease and skill, reminding us that the mountains we face in our day to day lives might just be molehills instead.

The child prodigy was not satisfied by just playing the score. He capped off the amazing performance with a drum solo the brought chills to the rest of the musicians and cast an awed hush over the audience.

Although it seems uncanny that a young boy could perform better than most seasoned musicians we need to keep in mind that prodigy often manifests itself in the smallest members of society. Lyonya Shilovsky also has one big advantage over adults who would jump at the chance to perform at the New State Concert Hall of Arnold Katz. He clearly saw playing the drums as a fun activity that he loved doing! It was evident throughout the score and with his playful finale at the end.

There is true joy in his face as he plays to the crowd, rising and falling with the music and inspiring us all to work towards excellence. Check out this video to see it for yourself:

If the story of little Lyonya doesn't inspire you, we don't know what will! What do you think? Is this Russian boy a prodigy? Is his joyful mastery of the drums something that can be learned, even after the age of three-years-old. Give us your thoughts and let us know!