Footage Shows 3-Year-Old Cry After Hearing Parents' Voice For The First Time

Nov 06, 2019

A video of a sweet girl with special needs from Orlando has gone viral and it is easy to see why.

Q'ela Pierce was born deaf and had never heard the voices of her parents. The viral video begins with Q'ela playing with toys, not paying attention to what is happening around her. Suddenly, somebody turns on Q'ela's new cochlear implant. The adorable little girl first reacts by putting her hand over her ear.

It is understandable that the new sensation would startle her. Then she hears her parents for the first time and immediately bursts into tears. The tot instinctively reaches out to her mother, Nikitia Vasser. The doting mother comforts her daughter by hugging her and wiping away her tears.

Q'ela's father, Quaneef Pierce, was so overcome with emotions while watching his daughter that he could not even continue filming the moment. He also takes the time to wish Q'ela progress as she continues on her path of hearing.

Nikitia hopes that the video serves as an inspiration to others who are facing challenges in life. Despite the tears, the cochlear implant does not hurt Q'ela's ears. She was simply shocked when she was able to hear sounds for the first time.

After you have watched the joy that Q'ela expresses when she first hears her parents, be sure to spread the video to all of your friends and family. It is hard to not get caught up in Q'ela's happiness after watching this sweet video.