3-Year-Old Beat The Odds As The Sole Survivor Of Triplets Born At 25 Weeks

Nov 24, 2021 by apost team

Babies who are born prematurely can have issues with their development and even survival, but one story about a 3-year-old boy named Maverick is proof that some infants can beat the odds against them. The little boy was born to parents Shane and Jason Simmons from Delaware. 

In fact, Maverick was actually one of three — he was a member of triplets but after they were all born incredibly early at 25 weeks, his siblings sadly didn't survive. However, Maverick did, despite the odds. He weighed just 1 pound 8 ounces when he came into the world and he fought from the moment he was born. Maverick's mother, Shane, told CBS:

“Considering how early he was born and what he went through, the fight to be alive, he’s doing so well ... He defied all odds. Doctors really still can’t give us a huge explanation on why he did as well as he did, compared to other 25 weekers.”

One possible theory that may account for why he survived is that his parents were able to be with him all the time as he fought for his life. At 2 weeks of age, the infant was transferred to Nemours Children's Hospital in Delaware, but that happened to be over one and a half hours from where the Simmons' lived. At first, they had no idea how they would make that work but soon after a nurse connected them with the Ronald McDonald House in Wilmington.

It served as their "home away from home" for the next three and a half months, while Maverick fought for his life.

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While they stayed there, the Simmons' met other families who had gone through tough situations of their own, and although everybody was "going through what is the worst time of their lives," according to Shane, the act of connecting and talking with others was "humbling." She added that while "it was a tough time of life" it was also a "positive light in a dark time" to be able to connect with others. She told CBS:

"Like I said, you think that your battle is so hard, which it is for you, and then you hear someone else’s story and it grounds you and brings you back and makes you so thankful.”

Nowadays, Maverick is the light of his parents' life. He works with physical and speech therapists, however, he's had no substantial developmental delays. The Simmons' still sometimes wonder how it was possible that Maverick survived despite the odds, however, doctors told them it could be down to the fact that they were always by his side. They told the news outlet:

“Funny enough their reasoning is because we were able to be there all the time. Jason and I didn’t really leave the NICU for three and a half months."

Shane and Jason are incredibly proud of Maverick, as they should be. The young boy truly defied the odds and persevered and he has his parents to thank for always being there beside him.

All the best to Maverick as he continues to grow up. With parents as loving as Shane and Jason, we're sure he'll only continue to thrive in life.


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