3 Friends Go Out Of Their Way To Grant Terminal Man's Wish After Seeing His Public Plea

Dec 16, 2019 by apost team

Gene Weittenhiller has terminal cancer. It's a tough thing to deal with, especially during the Christmas season. Luckily, three men from Milwaukee did something that really cheered him up. They showed up to his front door to hand-deliver a christmas card. 

Gene's Dying Wish

Like many people suffering from a terminal condition, Gene sent out a request for Christmas cards and included his address. He really wanted to connect with the world and know that people cared. The Christmas cards started arriving at Gene's Wisconsin home. Sweet messages came from every part of the country, and all of them touched his heart.

Thanks to his request, Gene's story was circulating on Facebook. The story made its way onto the timeline of a family in Milwaukee, where it was seen by two brothers and a cousin.


Some Viewers Gets an Idea

Marqwain, Markeith, and Earl took a look at Gene's request. They definitely wanted to send him a Christmas card. However, they also noticed something interesting - Milwaukee wasn't that far from Prairie du Sac, where Gene lives.

These three men really wanted to do something unique for Gene. Maybe it was Christmas spirit, or maybe they were just touched by the suffering of their fellow man. Either way, they started planning how they were going to bring a smile to this stranger's face.

Each of the three family members bought Gene a Christmas card. However, they didn't stick them in the mail. Instead, they drove to Gene's house to give it to him in person. 

The Trip to Gene's House

The drive from Milwaukee to Prairie du Sac takes just over two hours. Marqwain, Markeith, and Earl were a bit nervous as they set out as they told News 3 Now

But when they pulled into Gene's driveway, the three men immediately knew that they'd made the right decision. As they explained who they were and why they'd showed up, a huge smile covered Gene's face. "To see the smile on this man's face, was so priceless," said Earl to the news station. 

Out of all the people who had sent Christmas cards, these three were the only ones to show up in person. Gene welcomed them into his home, and the four new friends spent the day together. 

Marqwain, Markeith, and Earl went home feeling like they'd really learned something about the world. Gene shut his door with the warm feeling that people really did care. 

What do you think about this small act of kindness? Would you ever be willing to visit with a stranger to spread a little cheer? Let us know what you think - we'd love to hear how you or someone you love has worked to spread the holiday spirit.