3 Easy Ways To Lose Weight (Without Starving Or Working Out)

Jun 08, 2018 by apost team

Think you're doomed to carry those extra pounds and excess inches unless you spend countless hours at the gym or eat salads every day? Think again! Here are 3 simple ways to shed those pounds that you can do every day!


Take a deep breath in and out. Do you notice all the muscles that move with that one breath? Engage all those muscles instead of just moving your chest up and down. You will tone your back, get those six pack abs, and melt away inches from your waist, all from adding a simple set of breathing exercises to something you do all day, every day.



This next technique is so easy and comes with so many benefits. While in the shower, alternate hot and cold water. Run the water as hot as you can for a minute, then run the water as icy cold as you can stand. This contrast stimulates circulation that can help your body get rid of waste, excess fat, and cellulite. It is also shown to help heart conditions such as arrhythmia, vegetovascular dysfunction, and primary hypertension. There are, however, some contraindications to be aware of.


Cupping, pinching, honey, and water massages give the best results for weight loss. Massage can increase blood circulation, stimulate good digestion and intestinal motility, and break up fat deposits. There are many options for a great massage at professional spas, or you can give yourself a massage at home. Massages should be performed regularly for greatest results.

These three simple habits can transform your body without sweating for hours at the gym or eating tasteless food.

Which tip are you going to add to your daily routine? Give us a shout out and let us know, then ask your friends which one they will try!