27 Signs Your Partner Truly Respects You

In this day and age, it can be hard finding Mr. Perfect. Actually, he may not exist. Have no fear, even if you can't find the perfect guy, I'm sure you will find Mr. Fantastic.


1. Introducing you: When he introduces you to family and friends, he should be saying wonderful things about you. He may go as far as making you seem like you're an angel on Earth. It's not that he's lying, it's just that he thinks so highly of you he can't help but brag.

2. Admiring your strong opinion: If your man is putting you down for having a strong opinion then he needs to hit the road. Your man should find it attractive when you have a strong opinion you're willing to discuss with others.

3. Taking your advice: There will be times when you're more knowledgeable about a specific topic than he is. He should turn to you for advice instead of pretending to know everything. If you're extremely interested in a topic then he'll ask you about it out of genuine curiosity, not because he feels obligated.

4. Sharing his knowledge: If he is knowledgeable in a certain area, he won't be arrogant about it. He'll want to teach you what he knows instead of keeping it selfishly to himself.

5. Accepting your flaws: As Hannah Montana said, everybody makes mistakes. If he makes you feel bad for messing up, he isn't respecting you. Instead of calling you weak, he should help you out.

6. Checking up on you: There will probably be a time where you guys aren't together physically whether it's due to school, work, vacation, etc. He'll always check in with you and he'll wish you were there with him.

7. Taking you along: When it comes to social events you'll always be his plus one even if the event doesn't explicitly ask for plus ones. He won't be afraid to introduce you to his coworkers. 



8. Befriending your friends: Instead of making the relationship just about him and his friends he tries to be friends with your friends as well. He wants to make time for you and your friends.

9. Leaning on you: He's not afraid to lean on you when he's vulnerable. Whether he's sad, sick, or anything like that he realizes he isn't weak but he's trusting you.

10. Genuinely apologizing: Sometimes we hurt the people we love. It's a part of life. If he hurts you, he should genuinely apologize for his actions and strive to not make the same mistake again.

11. Being fair: Sometimes you'll get into fights with each other. If you snap off on your man, he shouldn't let that change his opinion of you.

12. Helping you out: If he goes out of his way to make you feel better when you're going through a stressful situation then he's a keeper. He should never make you feel worse about yourself in a time of stress and pain.

13. Cheering for you: You guys should be each other's number one fans. He should always support your endeavors.

14. Admitting you're right: To him, you'll be right around 70% of the time. Instead of arguing just to argue, he acknowledges you were right.


15. Believing in you: He will always push you to pursue your dreams because he knows you can do it if you set your mind to it.

16. Pleasuring you: He strives to pleasure you sexually just as much as he strives to pleasure himself. He listens to you and what you want.

17. Making sure you're okay: He does his research and talks to you to make sure sex is pleasurable to you and you're getting everything you want out of it.

18. Being jealous: I'm not talking about the crazy jealous dude in those horror movies. I'm talking about he realizes just how great you are and the possibility of losing you is a real one.

19. Sharing with you: He'll share articles or videos with you that he knows will pique your interest even if he has no interest in them at all. He does this because he knows this will make you happy.

20. Respecting your opinion: He'll respect your opinions even if he doesn't agree with them.

21. Healthy debating: Different opinions are okay with him because he knows it will be a healthy debate as opposed to an ugly fight. He will be respectful of your opinions.


22. Helping you with household tasks: He'll help you with not so exciting things because he'd rather have you guys do it together than you go through the process alone. Maybe it's folding your laundry or walking your neighbor's dog.

23. Being cheesy: He might be a bit cliche when it comes to posting pictures with you. He might add cheesy hashtags such as #myoneandonly or #loml.

24. Showing you what he feels: He'll tell you how much you mean to him in full detail. He won't be afraid to share his feelings.

25. Telling you, you're the best: He's not afraid to make a bold statement such as "you're the best person I've met" because he truly believes it.

26. Respecting your wardrobe: Although he may not agree with your outfit choice, he won't make you feel bad about yourself.

27. Asking for your opinion: He'll always ask you about your opinion because he values what you have to say.

Do you have a man in your life who is all these 27 things? If so, consider yourself lucky! Men like this are rare! Make sure to pass this on to your friends and loved ones!