26 Years Ago Mother Took Son & Disappeared, Now Father Finds Him On The Internet

Thanks to the increasing power of social media, broken families are being increasingly reunited with much love.

Social media has many benefits in today's society. One of its most incredible powers is the way that it can bring long-lost friends and relatives back together. These powerful stories of men finding their families after decades of separation are proof of that. 

Terrell Starr spent a good part of his childhood being cared for by his maternal grandmother because his mother was busy with her career in the military. Throughout his life, Starr never knew his biological father.


However, a simple search on social media would soon change all of that. After Starr put his father's name into the search box, he was shocked to find a match with the exact name. Chris Truesdale was just as surprised as Starr was once he received the message from the man wondering if they were related.

Truesdale was overwhelmed to find out that he had a son, saying that he would have never abandoned Starr if he had only known of his existence.

Sadly, these stories are not all that uncommon. Steven Williams lost contact with his three-year-old son after he separated from the boy's mother. It was not until nearly two decades later that he happened to find a picture of a now young man on popular social media site. The two eventually connected again both over the phone and also in person. 

Andy Gerhold also lost contact with his two-year-old son, Joshua, after his girlfriend took off with him. Over two decades later, the Visalia, California man used social media to find his son and reconnect. On January 9, Joshua is planning to fly out to reunite with his long lost father.

Everyone loves a happy ending. These touching stories should be spread all over the world. After you get the chance to view these sweet videos, be sure to pass it on to all of your friends and family. You certainly will not regret taking the time to check out these stories of reunification.