24-Year-Old Man Buys First Home Four Years After Living In His Car

Jan 12, 2022 by apost team

In his early-20s, Chris Atoki has been through a lot already in his life. When he was 18, he got kicked out of his mother’s house right after he lost his job. Things got so bad, he couldn’t afford to stay in school and had to drop out. With nowhere to go and no money, Atoki slept in his car and questioned if life was even worth living. Just four years after that experience, Atoki bought his first home in 2020. 

Living at his mom’s house meant Atoki had to contribute to rent, so he worked 12-hour shifts overnight and went to school during the day. But when he lost his overnight job, he wasn’t able to pay for his tuition and eventually had to drop out of school. Then, he had a falling out with his mother and she made him leave. He tried staying with friends, but nothing worked out, so Atoki parked his car at a Walmart and tried to sleep.

Atoki said he wasn’t able to sleep that night. His thoughts kept circling back to how much he hated his life and how miserable he had become. A few days went by like this and then suddenly, while looking at himself in the mirror, Atoki had an epiphany. He realized that the only person he could count on was himself, so he needed to step up and take control of his life. 

After that, Atoki applied for every job he could and eventually started working at Mattress Firm, where he earned $30,000 a year. But, Atoki knew he couldn’t live like this forever. Read on to learn the rest of Atoki’s story and how he bought his home.  

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Atoki decided that he needed to go back to school, but the online school he wanted to go to only accepted full-time students. Atoki wrote on Twitter, “I wanted to go so bad so I emailed the CEO @Austen. I didn’t think he would respond but he did. I never had the CEO talk to me about anything. I didn’t even know who the CEO of Mattress Firm was (still don’t) but talking to him pushed me to do it.”

After speaking with the CEO, Atoki was inspired to pursue the program anyway. “It wasn’t much, but if we didn’t talk I guarantee I wouldn’t be where I am now today. So I didn’t have internet at my apartment or work so I used my hotspot on my phone to attend the classes while I was working. It sucked but once again I’m doing this for me,” he said.

After finishing the tech program, Atoki was able to get a job that paid better and after saving all he could, he bought his first home in 2020. He shared:

“So that’s most of my story. I’m in a financial position greater than I ever thought possible. I’ll end and say no matter where you are. Find that motivation to push you to do better. It doesn’t happen overnight. I’m nobody special. I just took control of my life.”

Atoki added, “My goal is to show people that no matter the circumstances you can overcome it. I’m a 24-year-old black man with tattoos and was homeless just 4 years ago. To now owning a $350k home on 1.24 acres. If I can do it. You definitely can. I’m proud of myself.”


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