24 Million People Have Paused Their Days To Watch This Hippo's Huge Fart

Aug 24, 2018 by apost team

Zoo frequenters probably don't expect the animals to fart when they visit, but today one did quite well. Spectators received a bum full of a hippo's fart today, and it went viral.

Everybody in the world has a different taste when it comes to humor. Some of us appreciate simple slapstick comedy. Other people appreciate sarcasm or dry intellectual humor. Then there are other types of humor that fall in between those types.

One thing is certainly true: Everyone loves to laugh. The concept of flatulence as humor is varied. Most people find accidental flatulence as funny to some degree. But then there are some who find it utterly offensive. Apparently, 24 million people think that huge hippopotamus farts are hilarious.


Some spectators were visiting the zoo recently. The crowd consisted of a good number of adults and children. They were watching the hippopotamus conduct various activities in his little area. He spent some time playing around in the water, and then he got out of the water and did the most peculiar thing.

He farted, but it wasn't an ordinary fart. In fact, when you see it, you may think that it's completely heinous. You might laugh like one of the mothers did. Alternatively, you might be so shocked that you don't have a response at all.

Our response when we watched the video was "Oh hell no." It's something that you have to see to know how you're going to react.

This was no ordinary release of gases. It was monstrous, elongated and it actually seemed kind of aggressive. Perhaps the hippopotamus did not appreciate being watched. Maybe he had an entertaining spirit and just wanted to entertain the massed. We just can't say for sure.

See for yourself and check out this video:

This type of humor is apparently still popular all over the world. The video went viral within an hour after it was posted and has since received more than 24 million views and 82,000 likes. The comments vary from "I nearly fell out of my chair laughing" to comment such as "I'm so glad we don't have the smell feature."

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