230-Foot Organ In Croatia Uses Ocean Waves To Create Beautiful Music

Near the promenade in Zadar, Croatia one can hear a soothing melody coming from a 230-foot-sea-organ located at the shoreline. The organ collaborates with the rhythm of the waves of the Adriatic Sea and the energy of the winds to create musical arrangements.  

In Croatia the sea-organ is known as a “morske orgulje.” The unique instrument was opened up to the public in 2005. Since then, thousands of people have come to Zadar to hear the haunting melody the sea-organ gives off.


But how exactly does the sea-organ work? The music arises as water and wind push air through the 35 organ pipes at the very bottom of the steps that are connected to the visible whistle-holes that can be found at the highest steps. 

The city of Zadar is now very popular for locals and tourists alike as people from all over the world want to hear and see the sea-organ, but this was not always the case. As the city was completely destroyed during World War II. After it was reconstructed, the shoreline was filled up with concrete constructions. The city decided to bring in Nikola Basic, a Croatian architect, who designed the sea-organ to breathe new life into the beach promenade of Zadar.

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