22-Year-Old Is Shamed For Weight But Shuts Haters Down With Incredible Transformation

Nov 17, 2023 by apost team

In an era where body image and self-love awareness are at an all-time high, it is sad to note that many people still experience body shaming and fatphobic comments. While such situations are tough for those at the receiving end, some develop a tough skin to ward off the negativity and instead focus on progressing.

Such was the case of TikTok user Ayala with username ayalacat, who decided to shut out the naysayers while focusing on loving and improving herself. Ayala chronicled her weight loss journey on the short-form video app while inspiring thousands of internet users who were looking to embark on a transformation journey themselves.

The media user curated her content in transformation clips and POV videos, letting her followers know how she achieved her body goals against all odds. She began her journey weighing 280lbs, which was too heavy for the gastric sleeve surgery she initially planned to have. This had been the plan as she started her weight transformation process. Seeing that she did not qualify for the operation, Ayala opted for the old-fashioned weight loss method, which included consistent workout sessions and a diet plan. 

On TikTok, she shared a curated montage of her routines, which included the use of weights and resistance bands. She captioned the post, mirroring some of the comments made by trolls. Ayala wrote: “You’re never going to lose weight, you keep failing, just stop trying.” The clip proceeded to show how she countered the negative comments, as it morphed into a trimmer snap of her.

After a few months, the young adult lost 25lbs, which meant she lost enough weight for surgery. In another TikTok clip, Ayala detailed the progression through weight loss surgery and maintaining the transformed figure. 

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The clip began with footage from 2020, when Ayala started her weight loss pact. She posted the video in response to a commenter asking how she achieved her new look. Ayala wrote that she weighed 280 lbs in 2020 while showing a video of herself indoors. The next few montages showed her working out as she gained gradual results. 

Ayala filmed herself the night before surgery, and she weighed 255 lbs at the time. The video moved to her after-surgery recovery, where Ayala did not relent on her workout regimen. She wrote that she continued losing weight, adopted a strict diet, and also started cardio. Through each snap, she continued to visibly lose weight until she “was finally in the 100s.” 

The TikToker slimmed down to 115 lbs but had so much loose skin that she decided to undergo a skin removal procedure. Ayala did not relent on the workout sessions as she prepared for another surgery. At this point, she also started eating more carbs, which took her to 150 lbs. The internet content creator eventually had her skin removal surgery in 2023. 

Toward the end of the clip, Ayala displayed her hourglass figure and trim form post-surgery. She wrote that she continued going to the gym seven months after the operation to keep her figure intact. Scores of TikTokers in the comment section could not help but be in awe of how Ayala proved to be tenacious in her weight loss journey. Many gushed over her as they asked for tips. To undergo such a journey is anything but easy; however, Ayala proved she was not one to ever give up before attaining the goal.


Isn’t it motivating to see Ayala achieve her body transformation goal despite the criticism she weathered? What are your thoughts on her weight loss regimen? Let us know, and be sure to pass this on to others. 

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