21-Year-Old Built Mortgageless Mini House Of His Dreams

Ontario, Canada resident Josh was 18 years old when he came across a small house, and unlike most people, it intrigued him. With an idea in mind and a plan on paper, Josh decided to embark on his dream of owning a similarly small but beautiful home. He immediately began channeling some of his money into his plans of owning a home that would one day house him and his girlfriend, Lindsay.

It has taken Josh three years of planning and saving without sidetracking from his primary plan to begin building his home. Fortunately, Josh and Lindsay can now proudly say that their dreams area reality: their debt-free small home was slated for completion back in 2016.

The video attached to this story explains how Josh began his journey to owning his home and its current state as they continue polishing it. In the video, Josh disclosed his dream to own a small, mortgage-free home to Lindsay during their first date. Lindsay was excited about the idea and immediately supported the concept. According to Josh, the 21-year-old and future homeowner, when Lindsay agreed to his idea, it was vital to starting their life together as a team. For Lindsay and Josh, it was unique, love at first sight and building plans fell into place right after.


The couple, both twenty-one years old, are in solidarity and striving hard to complete their small house and run it through the authorities to have it registered as an RV. Registering it as an RV allows the couple to park it freely and legally at an RV park and join the small home living world. At 21, the duo is just starting their life together, and they hope that living rent-free and mortgage-free will give them the ability to explore the world and risk life trying out their desires and dreams instead of burying themselves in bills.

Josh and Lindsay’s small house stands on an 18-foot trailer and comfortably carries a three-foot deck on the backside. Josh preferred his small home to contain two lofts. On one loft, there are two shed dormers, and additional windows strategically put there to let in light and fresh air into the bedroom. The other loft has been designed as a storage area for extra stuff, or it could be turned into an extra sleeping area.

In the video, Josh takes us for a quick house tour where you can see unique and beautiful kitchen cabinets, closets, and a customized storage porch all designed and built by Josh. The man of the house also took the time to build a personalized “his and hers” desk for the couple.

Watching the video as Josh and Lindsay narrate their journey to owning this small house, you can see their admiration for each other and their joint dream.

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