200-Year-Old Barn Converted Into Spectacular Tiny Home — Rustic Meets Modern

Jan 13, 2021 by apost team

There’s almost nothing that beats a gorgeous transformation. And that’s exactly what this 2020 video from Tiny Home Tours offers: a first look into the transformation of a 200-year-old Vermont barn into a storybook cabin. Host Ethan Abitz guides us through this one-of-a-kind home transformation.

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Abitz says that it took two years for the barn’s owner, Ben Sargent, to convert the unit into what is now a spectacular tiny home at Bent Apple Farm in Londonderry, Vt. Against the backdrop of Vermont forest and a sunny blue sky, Sargent’s house looks like something straight from a childhood story.

“This place is a dream — literally,” Abitz says in the video’s introduction. “It feels as though Ben went into the depths of my brain, picked out my dream home, and plopped it right there. And it’s abundantly clear how passionate he is about this spot, given the amount of detail and thought that must have gone into this. It’s amazing.”


And we haven’t even seen the inside yet! But as Abitz enters the home’s kitchen, it becomes clear that Sargent didn’t just transform the home’s exterior. Everything in this two-century-old barn is eye candy for homeowners. Contrary to what you might think, the kitchen comes equipped with state-of-the-art appliances, including a six-burner stove with griddle, a two-door stainless steel fridge, and a modern oven.

The kitchen is also surprisingly spacious. With high wooden ceilings and an expansive countertop, home chefs (it turns out the owner is a chef) are sure to feel at home. And while it’s easy enough to forget that all of this is in an old barn, much of the rustic flair remains. Everything is covered in beautiful, brown wood that shows a healthy patina. Oh, and if you look up, you’ll find a hanging boat. Another rustic touch that makes this barn-turned-home so unique.

And suppose you don’t believe us or the video’s host. In that case, Abitz cooks a tasty looking breakfast for the camera, including a couple of blueberry pancakes, scrambled eggs, and a batch of exclusive coffee.

“All in all, this kitchen, for being in a 200-year-old barn, is one of the most luxurious and impressive kitchens that I have ever gotten a chance to cook in and experience,” Abitz says in the video. “It really is spectacular.”

Next up is the dining room. While it’s small, this barn dining room is beautiful like the rest of the house. Covered in rustic floor-to-ceiling wood and featuring a fold-out table, candlelit dinners are bound to feel extra cozy in this history-filled tiny home.

“It’s one of the things that I really enjoy about this property — all of the wood in here. It just makes it feel super cozy, super homey, and super rustic, which I personally am a huge fan of.”

The dining room also looks out onto the outdoors thanks to two glass doors. So as you sip on a cup of hot tea or coffee, you can watch the wildlife fly and skitter by. That’s not to mention all the natural light that comes through in the morning. In a word, it’s idyllic. And the dining area isn’t even the coziest spot in the house. For that, Abitz heads to the living room.

Again, the very fact that the living room is part of a remodeled barn makes it extra cozy. It’s easy to imagine feeling safe, warm, and happy on a night in the heart of Vermont’s winter season. And in case it gets too cold, there’s a massive wood stove in the middle of the room. Abitz also mentions that while guests can use the stove for heat, you can also cook directly on top of it, offering an extra bit of utility to the room. A cozy living room wouldn’t be complete without comfy furniture. The converted barn features one large couch with a beautiful Pendleton blanket draped over it and two white sofa chairs.

As Abitz describes it, the room is “perfect for cozying up next to the fire, reading a good book, sipping on some tea.” 

“It’s definitely the most perfect spot to hunker down, relax, unwind, and soak up the quintessential Vermont vibe.”

Up next in the video is the bathroom, which you might think would be underwhelming. After all, this is a 200-year-old barn, not the Ritz Carlton. But what this bathroom lacks in amenities, it makes up for in pure charm because it’s just full of history. From the vintage clawfoot tub to a 100-year-old toilet, stepping into the bathroom is like stepping back into time. Abitz also points out the reclaimed door, which looks beautiful with its paint-chipped and aged patina.

As you’ve probably noticed, that’s a theme throughout this house. Wherever you look, the barn is just chock-full of history and rustic charm. That’s also true of the bedroom, which is on the second floor. Wonderfully aged wood, which looks like the original wood from the barn, sits overhead a queen-sized bed. What’s surprising about the room is also its sheer spaciousness. Abitz admits that the room was so cozy that he had trouble getting out of bed in the morning.

Abitz ends his tour by taking a step outside into the fresh Vermont air at Bent Apple Farm. Guests won’t find any tennis courts or swimming pools, but this reclaimed barn does have an outdoor shower — perfect for rinsing off during the summer and adding just a bit more country charm to this unique cabin. Around on the other side of the house, we see the porch, which seems like something taken straight out of a storybook, like the other rooms in the house. There’s a wooden rocking chair, a comfy hammock, and a stockpile of wood for the living room stove. What’s more, the porch opens out onto an incredible vista of rolling hills and pine trees.

Nestled in between Vermont’s grassy hills and beautiful trees, this remodeled barn just goes to show that you can transform any old building into something beautiful. To find out more about Bent Apple Farm or the barn, you can check out Sargent’s website here.

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