20-Year-Old Is Raising 5 Siblings After Both Parents Died—Now Police Have Surprised Her With A Car

Jul 11, 2019

After a young woman watched her parents die of cancer, she ended up raising her five younger siblings. However, fate turned for the better when strangers heard her story.

Most twenty-year-olds are focused on partying or getting out of college as fast as they can. Some are even already out in the working world. However, most of them aren’t focused on raising a family. Many 20-year olds are still just figuring life out. However, Samantha Rodriguez wasn’t so lucky.

When she was incredibly young, she had to fight to keep her family together. According to Inside Edition, she had to step into her parents’ shoes after they passed away from cancer. She had five other siblings, the oldest being fifteen and the youngest was only six.


The community had focused on providing support to Samantha when she took over as their guardian last December. Even with all the support from the community, it was still difficult for the family. After all, it was right around the holidays, and they no longer had the people who meant the most to them. They weren’t prepared for the Christmas miracle that was coming their way when the Orange County Sheriff’s Office decided to step in with a Christmas miracle right out of the storybooks.

The Sherrif's Department's Aviation unit wanted to help provide this little family with an extraordinary gift as well. The Rodriguez family got to go on their very own helicopter ride. They watched the city go by as they realized they were lucky to have still each other and a community that loved them so much.

When they got back from their helicopter ride, the Rodriguez children saw the Christmas wasn’t going to be as awful as they thought. The Sheriff’s office left piles of wrapped presents for them.

"You don’t know how much this means to us. It’s such a big help, really. Doing everything on my own is very hard but I’m so glad to have people like you guys in my life." She said.

Samantha realized that doing everything on her own was incredibly difficult. In a sense, she was giving up her young adulthood to take care of her siblings and make sure they had the best childhood possible.

The video encouraged many to support Samantha. What do you think the kind actions of these strangers? Let us know in the comments - and make sure to pass this along to your friends and family!