20 Things True Gentlemen Do Differently

Men are more than what you see on the outside. They are more than their egos, and they have hearts that can love so much if they choose to. Real gentlemen are not ashamed to show their love for their women in public. It is so unfortunate how people think that it is not manly enough for a man to be sensitive, go an extra mile to prove their love, and admit a wrong and be remorseful about it.

Here are some of the things that a gentleman does differently.

1. Time Keeper


If you plan for a date or a casual meetup, a true gentleman will show up on time not leaving others waiting for so long. This clearly shows that they value people’s time and they understand that it is not pleasant at all to waste one’s time.


2. Protective

A real gentleman will always protect a woman no matter what the situation is. The man will walk close to the road to ensure no potential danger will happen.

3. Courteous

A true gentleman will always show respect to others by using polite phrases like “please” and “Thank you." 

4. Table Manners

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Good behavior during meals means a lot to many people. A gentleman will always use the cutlery and probably place a napkin on their lap to avoid getting messy with food.

5. Politeness

A gentleman is not rude to other people. If he experiences horrible and unexpected service, he accepts the outcome and remains calm. It shows he can control himself and that he has respect for other people’s work.

6. Attentive

When someone is talking to you, you should pay attention to get every word they say. Look into their eyes and try to put yourself in their shoes for you to understand their emotions. A gentleman will also notice other people’s looks and is always ready to give small complements.

7. Promise Keeper


A gentleman will always keep his word without being reminded. If a gentleman says he will do something, he does it, as simple as that. Do what you say you will do without compromising.

8. Secret Keeper

If you tell a gentleman something confidential, he will probably keep it a secret between the two of you. He is not going to gossip about it with his friends. He is worth your trust.

9. Honest

A gentleman will always tell the truth even if he knows it will affect someone. They won’t hide a reality just because it may hurt someone’s emotions.

10. Defender


A true gentleman is always ready to fight for you if you are defenseless. He is brave and fearless, and won’t allow you to suffer in his presence. He risks his life to save others.

11. Patient

A real gentleman will wait for others to eat before they can get their food. They are always ready for the last piece, however small it may be, as long as everyone has had their share. This shows courtesy and patience.

12. Gets Solutions to Problems

A gentleman knows how to get any kind of stuff done. They are ready to fix the car and get dirty just for your sake. He will help cook dinner if you are not feeling well or change the baby’s diaper. In simple terms, he is a jack of all trades. He doesn’t choose what to do and what not.

13. Never Hurts a Woman


A gentleman is the sole protector of a woman, and therefore should not hurt her. He can never hit her unless she has done a serious crime like murder. Even in anger, a gentleman can never lay his hands on a woman.

14. Conscious About Privacy

A gentleman will not kiss and tell. No one needs to know about your bedroom affairs. A gentleman will not tell others private deeds about their significant other.

15. Responsible

When on a date or after receiving a service, a gentleman will pick up the check and insist on footing the bill. If he is not able to pay, he will show an effort by putting a small token and will expect nothing in return.

16. Offers an Arm


During a date or a walk, a gentleman will offer his arm to the lady. This act shows class and it feels warm to walk arm-in-arm with your partner.

17. Sacrifice

If you are in a bus, park bench or room, as a gentleman, you should offer your seat to a woman who is standing. A gentleman is ready to sacrifice even small comforts for others to benefit.

18. Helps a Woman get Seated

A gentleman will pull out the seat and ensure a woman is sitting comfortably and closer to the table.

19. Cares


If it's cold and a woman is not warm, a gentleman will offer his jacket to ensure the woman is comfortable.

20. Opens Doors

A gentleman will open the door for a woman and allow them to enter first before they can follow.

Your man might not be born a gentleman, but if he makes an effort of doing the above things, then he is one. You should learn to appreciate your man’s action and little effort in keeping your relationship alive. This encourages him to continue doing so. Encourage others to learn about this too.