2-Year-Old Walks For First Time But Says 5 Words To Dog That's Bringing Everyone To Tears

There are few things in life more exciting and joyful than awaiting the birth of a new child.  Whitney and Adam Dinkel were experiencing all of those wonderful emotions as they awaited the birth of their son, Roman. Soon, those emotions changed from hope and joy to fear and anxiety. During a routine doctor’s appointment, Whitney was given the heartbreaking news that her son was suffering from Spina Bifida. His neural tube had not developed correctly and, as a result, he had serious defects in his spine.

In an instant, Whitney and Adam saw all of their hopes and dreams for their child vanish.

They had expected their baby to grow up and experience all of the normal aspects of childhood. Instead, the road ahead for the family looked bleak. Instead of playgrounds, picnics and all of the other joys of growing up, their son Roman faced a lifetime of medical exams, painful treatments, and struggles. Life would be hard. It was devastating and terrifying. Then they learned that even before he was born, their boy would have to have surgery.


Whitney and Adam, however, would not give up.  For the sake of their son they resolved to do everything within their power to make his life as good as it could be and to be there for him as he faced the challenges of his life. Maybe the Dinkels have toughness in their DNA, because when their son Roman was born, he proved himself to be every bit the fighter that his parents are.

In fact, Roman might even be tougher!

You will not want to miss this viral video.  Watch as young Roman takes his first steps, using forearm crutches that he and his mom call his “sticks.” Roman is not alone either. His faithful dog, Maggie, is right by his side. Roman calls out to her as he takes his very first steps. This wonderful video is not only heartwarming, it is also a reminder to all of us that we should never give up, even in tough times. If young Roman can overcome all of the adversity that he has faced in his life to take his first steps, we can keep moving forward, too.  What a wonderful lesson for all of us!

Don’t give up!  Let this determined two year old teach you about overcoming life’s setbacks. You will love this heartwarming and inspiring video and so will your co-workers, friends and family.    

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