2 Construction Workers From Missouri Rescue Mother And Child From Burning Car On Missouri Highway

It is an incredible thing when you hear a story about a person or people who risk their own lives to help/save a stranger in an emergency. These are the kind of stories that inspire everyone to be a better person and to do something for someone else that they may not know, or may not know well, for no reason at all.

However, there are big moments that you almost have to step back and take a moment to appreciate these amazing people that risk everything to help a total stranger evade some type of peril or harm that has come their way.

According to FOX2, this was exactly the type of situation that Richard and Randy found themselves in one day when they were going casually about their job. The two were both experienced highway construction workers, both who know exactly how dangerous their job can be simply from doing their routine work on a day-to-day basis while cars fly by at 60+ miles an hour. That danger happens on a slow day when nothing out of the ordinary is happening.


Richard and Randy’s job is dangerous simply because they are typically working on the side of a highway or even on blocked off portions of a major highway. They even often work overnight, to do work like repave and redesign parts of the highway, because the highways and interstates are less busy during that time.

When they work at night, it is typically dark outside they work although cars are flying by in both directions of them, leaving room for many instances to occur. This makes highway workers that specialize in middle-of-center-lane tasks the most vulnerable.

In 2010, Richard and Randy were repaving part of an interstate outside of Barnhart, Missouri when they heard what seemed to be a muffled shotgun. They realized that sound was a major accident. They dropped everything they were doing and ran across the interstate toward the car that had wrecked, just as it started to blow with flames. They found a woman trapped inside her car, that was now actively on fire.

As they faced the burning flames to drag the woman driving out of the car, moments before it would explode, she made a plea to them. She asked them to help her 1-year-old son who was in the backseat. They did.

What would you do if you saw a car in flames about to completely explode? How amazing is this story and the fact that they saved the 1-year-old baby that would have gone unseen by most? Pass this incredible story of bravery along to anyone you know who would appreciate this story.