1965 Righteous Brothers Classic “You’ll Never Walk Alone” Performance Brings Listeners To Tears

The 1960s birthed new fans and new bands across the world. One of these talented vocal duos rose to fame and fortune, known as The Righteous Brothers. They carried many number one ballads filled with soul on the charts.

In 1965, Bill Madley and Bobby Hatfield went on live national television for the very first time to perform their classic hit "You'll Never Walk Alone." They stood on stage and performed in the same dark suits with red ties with one singing in harmony and the other with a soulful depth.

It was in the early 60s when The Righteous Brothers debuted. They carried a cross over from the 50s do-op sounds and mixed it with soul music from the Rhythm and Blues genre. The whole art of music was transitioning as The Beatles and the British sounds started to take over the decade. The Righteous Brothers were almost in a class of their own as they melted millions of hearts with their soul-searching music and performances.

Medley and Hatfield played as a duo for several years through the 60s. When they went on television for the first time to perform "You'll Never Walk Alone," they captivated the audience, and there wasn't a dry eye around. When you hear the lyrics and the amount of heart and soul into the two voices combined, it brings everyone to tears.


Within the lyrics of the song lies a deep meaning that only The Righteous Brothers could take a person back in time and relive some painful memories. It reveals what everyone knows as "the light at the end of the tunnel." The first four lines speak of this, saying, "When you walk through a storm, hold your head up high. Don't be afraid of the dark. At the end of the storm is a golden sky and the sweet silver song of a lark."

Everyone has felt pain, but when people look back on their trials, they find the answers for which they are searching. Many who can relate could cry with the lyrics alone because everyone has gone through this at some point or another. Happiness lies at the end of the struggles.

The power of the chorus kicks in to tell the listeners not to give up. It tells them to "Walk on." Even though dreams go by the wayside, the power of The Righteous Brothers' voice echos again to "Walk on, Walk on." The end speaks of how we are not alone in this life if we keep moving.

The powerful message and the phenomenal voice of the Righteous Brothers singing this song to where you can see them lives on throughout the ages. When you think of how the trials never stop until you leave this world, it touches the heart and soul to release the valve pressure of emotional tears. A person cannot help but shed those tears.

"You'll Never Walk Alone" is a song about life. It is about remembering how everyone is human and goes through the same issues life brings and how to overcome it. Simply "Walk On." If you enjoyed this, let us know how it makes you feel and be sure to pass it on to others!