17 Processed Foods Approved By Nutritionists

Apr 11, 2018 by apost team

Nutritionists always recommend shopping the perimeters of grocery stores to get your fresh produce and meats to avoid the allure of the aisles filled with junk food. If you can resist the temptation of cookies and chips, though, you can actually find some really healthy options that make meal-prep much easier.

Here are 17 processed foods nutritionists say won't kill your diet.

1. Nut Butters:

You don't have to give up your beloved peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but be more aware of your labels. Nutritionists recommend selecting nut butters that just have two ingredients: nuts and salt. Have a powerful blender? You can also try making your own nut butter with your favorite nuts and avoid all the unnecessary fat, sugar, and salt that manufacturers add!



2. Frozen Pizzas

Pizza lovers rejoice! Frozen pizza can be good in a pinch. Just be sure to make a healthy choice, which means avoiding meat toppings. The number one choice of nutritionists is California Pizza Kitchen's gluten-free Margherita pizza. Even if you can eat gluten, this is a good option because the crust is whole grain from brown rice flour, which means you can get a boost in protein and fiber.


3. Frozen Fruits And Vegetables

This is probably the least surprising option on this list, but still may confuse people who've always been advised to buy fresh produce. Have you ever stocked up on fruits and vegetables and didn't have enough time to eat them before they rotted? Avoid wasting money by buying frozen. They are picked when they are at their peak to ensure you get the best flavor and nutrition.


4. Canned Legumes

Beans should be your best friend. They're so packed with protein, fiber, and energy-producing carbs. Try to find varieties with reduced sodium or no salt added. Just remember to always rinse your beans before you eat them to rinse off the canning liquids.


5. Organic Broths And Stocks

The best choice you could make is a low sodium vegetable stock which is packed with essential vitamins. Make a hearty minestrone soup with some frozen vegetables and whole wheat noodles and you've got a delicious meal in no time!


6. Whole-Grain Breads

Carbs are not your enemy, but refined grains can slow down your weight loss since they offer no real nutrition. Whole-grain bread offers more protein and fiber and has a very hearty, tasty flavor.


7. Dairy

Yogurts are a good option since they contain probiotics and pack protein. Aim for Greek yogurts that don't contain crazy amounts of sugar.


8. Canned Tuna

Body builders love canned tuna because it is pure protein for not that many calories!


9. Frozen Fish

Did you know that the deli usually sells previously frozen fish? Skip their high prices and head for the frozen section to find your favorite fish.


10. Cheese

We're not talking about shredded cheese, which has tons of additives to keep it fresh. Find whole cheeses like fresh mozzarella or feta.


11. Fermented Products

This may make you raise an eyebrow since fermented foods could sound gross, but the fermentation process adds so much nutrition to foods. Try mixing some kimchi with your brown rice for a unique flavor.


12. Protein Bars

Some bars contain so much sugar that they're glorified candy bars. Try to find bars that are lower in calories and don't have a lot of artificial sweeteners. Luna bars are a great option for any eater.


13. Waffles

Nutritionists eat waffles, too! But aim for brands that contain whole grains.


14. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is one of the healthiest breakfasts. Grab a conveniently portioned to-go container for breakfast anywhere.


15. Sausage

Find a lower fat option made of chicken or, better yet, try a vegan brand! Vegan meats have come so far the past few years that you could trick any meat-eater into eating more vegetables.


16. Juices

Fruit juices are a much better option than soda. Nutritionists are fond of orange, apple, and beet juices.


17. Whole Grain Flours

Love to bake? Try swapping your flour for its whole grain counterparts for additional nutrition!

Which nutritionist-approved food surprised you most and which one will you try next? Be sure to get your fitness buddy's opinion on these foods, too!