17-Month-Old Girl Sings “Amazing Grace” To Her Father

Feb 09, 2020 by apost team

You've probably heard people say that children are our future. Well, the future is looking bright.

Maya is 17 months old, and you can see the love she already has for her dad. In this video, you'll hear her sweet little voice singing "Amazing Grace." It's enough to bring tears to your eyes. In fact, she's actually super talented! She doesn't skip a beat. Every word of the song can be heard.


Unsurprisingly, her daddy is impressed. She was nervous at first, but his supportive words give her the boost she needs. That's when she continues her little performance. Maya jumps right into the ABC song after that. During the beginning, she seems to lose track of where she's at. It's pretty adorable, but she gets right back on track!

It's hard to understand what she's singing at the end of the song which makes it even cuter! Plus, we know where she's coming from. She stops for a minute, and her dad suggests that she sing "You are my Sunshine." You can tell that this is her favorite. She perks right up at the suggestion! Maya makes it through the song to her own little beat. Her daddy is so proud of her.

If these adorable performances weren't enough, she begins counting in Spanish! How smart is this little girl? She makes it all the way to 10! Her daddy then begins testing her with math problems. You can tell that they're a breeze for her. She responds to each question with a loud and proud answer! What a cutie! If she's this talented now, who knows what she'll be like in 10 or 12 years? Look out American Idol.

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