16-Year-Old Cheerleader In Coma Opens Eyes And Gives Mom A New Sign Of Hope

The mother of a coma patient is crediting the power of prayer with her daughter’s medical improvement. Back in October, 16-year-old Emma Pfouts, a cheerleader at Norton High School in Ohio, was enjoying time with her friends at the school’s homecoming dance when she had an asthma attack.

As News 5 Cleveland reported, Emma ran to her car for her emergency inhaler but collapsed before she could return to the celebration. A police officer saw Emma struggling and determined that her heart had stopped. The police officer revived Emma twice using CPR, but doctors had to place her in a medically induced coma to allow her body time to heal itself. Doctors at Akron Children’s Hospital warned Emma’s family that the normally bubbly teen might never wake up. It was there that Emma’s family waited with bated breath for their daughter to return to them.


Emma sat in her coma for three weeks before her mother, Christina Boyer Weigand, saw a new reason for hope. Early last week, Emma began to stir from her deep coma. The teen was able to squeeze her mother’s hand and even open her eyes for a few moments.

In an interview with reporters from WJW Cleveland, Christina says that while Emma is not out of the woods yet, it is amazing that she is able to do things that doctors didn’t think she would ever be able to do again. Emma’s stepfather, Chris, adds that Emma is currently in and out of sedation and that the family now has less to worry about given that Emma’s condition is much improved.

Since her coma began, the community has rallied behind Emma’s family. During her interview with WJW News, Christina wore a sweatshirt with the words “Emma Strong” on it, a sentiment that is emblazoned on a fence near Norton High School’s football field. The family further invites well-wishers to send Emma e-cards at the hospital, which they read to her every day.

We send support to Emma’s family and wish her a speedy recovery. What do you think of Emma’s story? Isn’t it marvelous that the teen has started to emerge from her coma after doctors doubted that she might never wake up?