16 Unique Ways To Use Your Ashes After You Die

Aug 31, 2018 by apost team

Up until 2015, burials remained favored over cremation, despite cremation being the more economical of the two options. According to an estimate by the National Funeral Directors Association, 49% of deceased individuals in 2015 were cremated and 45% were buried, which marked the first time cremation rates surpassed traditional burials.

Some are calling cremation the new tradition, but this new tradition hasn’t necessarily brought with it the old traditional approaches in how the ashes are handled afterward. In most cases, a cremated person's ashes, or cremains, were stored in an urn and/or possibly scattered to the wind or water.

Today, however, people have come up with some odd, interesting, or innovative (depending on how you look at it) ways to handle the ashes after cremation.

1. Load Up And Go Out With A Bang

Holy Smokes is a company that allows cremains to be turned into rifle or shotgun shells. It was created by a duo of law enforcement officers in Alabama.


2. Shine On Like A Diamond In The Night

Pick a color, cut, carat, and clarity to turn cremains into a certified diamond for a ring, pendant, bracelet, or necklace with LifeGem.

3. Pop, Crackle, And Sparkle

Companies like AM Pyrotechnics will load cremains into working fireworks that can be shot off into the sky and scattered to the wind.

4. Human Composting

Become one with nature by adding cremains to the soil in a composting bed. They even make urns that are biodegradable, can be used as the base to plant a tree, or as a soil-base for an indoor plant.

5. Dine With Your Loved One Always

Turn grandpa Joe’s ashes into a cup of joe to enjoy daily with Chronicle Cremation Designs. They also can use the ashes to make an array of ceramic glazed bowls, dinnerware, cups, and bottles.

6. Out Of This World

Celestis is a company that’ll send your cremains into deep space, which is exactly what Gene Roddenberry’s family chose for the Star Trek creator’s ashes.

7. Leave It Up To Science

If you donate your body to science and do not have someone come and collect the ashes once the university is finished, then they’ll dispose of the remains at their own discretion.

8. Become A Marine Habitat

Companies like Eternal Reefs are turning cremains into environmentally-friendly marine habitats. So far, Eternal Reefs has placed almost 2,000 reefs off the U.S. coast.

9. Continue To Count Each Moment

Hourglasses were actually common houses for cremains in the 18th century. It’s re-emerging today as a popular alternative to urns.

10. Cuddly Memories

Ashes are even being stuffed into cute and snuggly stuffed animals.

11. Live On In The Music

A vinyl company can press your cremains into a vinyl record that comes with existing music.

12. Leave A Mark

It’s not so uncommon to get a tribute tattoo to or of a lost loved one, but how about a tattoo that infuses in the actual sterilized cremains into the tattoo ink? Yep, it’s being done.

13. Become A Piece Of Art

Many artists are creating custom art pieces, from paintings to blown glass, using cremains.

14. Spread To The Wind In Style

A hot air balloon is filled with the ashes and carries them up to 30,000 feet into the sky. When atmospheric pressure eventually pops the balloon, the ashes are carried and scattered by the wind as nature sees fit.

15. Continue To Write A Story

Carbon Copies is a company that turns cremains into a set of personalized pencils. A box with a built-in sharpener is included so that shavings may be recollected to be repurposed or stored as a final resting place.

16. Continue To Be Part Of A Story

Mark Gruenwald, a writer and editor for Marvel comic books, opted to have his ashes mixed with ink to create a copy of the Squadron Supreme series.

Odd, inventive, a great way to honor lives lost? What do you think about these less than traditional options for your ashes after you die? We would love to hear your thoughts. Don't forget to send this article to your loved ones that may benefit from these tips!