15-Year-Old Boy Grabs Dance Partner's Hand To Dance Has Crowd Wild With World Champion Swing Routine

Youth has a way of adding an extra bounce to the step of those who embrace it. This youthful enthusiasm is obvious in the lives of then-15-year-olds Alexis Garrish and Ryan Boz in this 2016 performance by the pair at the Swing Dance Championships.

Attending parties with friends, becoming enamored with crushes, and enjoying the process of 'growing up' are central themes to the lives of the teenagers. However, the lives of Alexis and Ryan contains an aspect that makes them a little different from their classmates. 

Ryan and Alexis perform in multiple dance genres. These genres include jazz, ballet, hip-hop, and others. But their best performances are reserved for swing dance competitions. After the months of practice, preparations, and minor setbacks, the duo was thrilled to showcase their talents at the national competition.


The energy possessed by Ryan and Alexis was clear to all in attendance as soon as the music was heard from the speakers. Every movement of the young couple flowed naturally and their routine was without flaw. Both spectators and judges watched with awe at the angelic performance.

The joy on the faces of the teens was evident as they completed their routine. They knew in their heart they nailed the performance. They only hoped the judges would agree with them.

The teenagers could not believe what they were seeing when the judges revealed their scores. This was a moment in the life of the 15-year-olds that they will never forget. Thanks to viewers like yourself, we can all share in the youthful exuberance and eventual triumph of the young dancers.

The great thing for us is we can watch the performance video as many times as we want!

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