15-Year-Old Brenda Lee Performs Her Song 'I'm Sorry'

Dec 05, 2019

Brenda Lee is a true country queen. She's been performing for over 60 years. Her very first hit was a song she wrote and recorded when she was only 15, "I'm Sorry". The song rapidly achieved the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and managed to peak at number 12 on the UK Singles chart.

Hulton Archive/V&A Images/Getty Images

Almost sixty years later, the song has become a classic. It has been covered by numerous other singers and is instantly recognized by everyone. Brenda Lee, now 74 years old, was recently spotted at the Nashville Grammy nominee event. She has been amazingly successful, with dozens upon dozens of hit songs. In fact, she is listed as the 4th most successful music performer for the 1960s, after The Beatles, Elvis, and Ray Charles. She had 47 songs hit the top of the charts in that decade alone.


In addition to her iconic song "I'm Sorry" she is also well-known for her song "Rockin' Round the Christmas Tree", written by Johny Marks and recorded by Brenda Lee in 1958, when she was only 14. Her original recording of the song sold over 25 million copies by 2008, and it is the fourth most common digital download of any holiday music.

It's always been hard to believe such a powerful voice could come from someone so young. In addition to starting young, she has stayed the course and has been a very popular entertainer for decades. She has sung country, rockabilly, and pop. Standing at only 4'9" she was given the nickname "Little Dynamite" after she recorded her first song, "Dynamite", when she was only 12.

The story of this amazing woman deserves to be spread far and wide.