15 Stunning And Unexpected Ways To Use Cinder Blocks

Have you ever had to buy cinder blocks? Unless you work in construction, chances are you haven't—but perhaps you will in the future, because here are 15 really creative ways to use cinder blocks, invented by a mom experimenting at home.

1. Outdoor Staircase

Stack and fill in the holes of cinder blocks to create a sleek, outdoor staircase that blends in with rocks!


2. Entertainment Center

Re-arrange cinder blocks to store DVDs and CDs and further stack them for your own entertainment center!

3. Outdoor Bench

Stack cinder blocks alongside wood and pillows for a solid bench!

4. Garden Planters

Fill them with soil and organize them to create unique garden planters that are sure to be a hit!

5. Bedside Table

Stack the cinder blocks, adorn them with flowers and a lamp, and voila! A bedside table!

6. Bed Foundation With Storage

Cinder blocks can provide a good foundation for your mattress, no need to find a frame!

7. Fire Pit

Organize them in a square and put a fire in-between to have a nice, DIY fire pit!

8. Colorful Backyard Furniture

Paint the cinder blocks and put a plank on top of two of them to create nice outdoor furniture!

9. Futon With Cubbie Space

Put a futon on top of a series of cinder blocks and also use the space below to store shoes and other items!

10. Bookshelf

Stack the cinder blocks and use them to store books!

11. Outdoor Wall

Build a wall with cinder blocks and then paint it any way you'd like!

12. Planter Table

Stack cinder blocks to keep a wooden table piece on top of and then have soil in some of the cinderblocks to use as planters!

13. Pyramid Garden

Turn your cinder blocks into a pyramid by stacking them and then place soil along with plants inside to create a unique garden!

14. Outdoor Buffet

Stack cinder blocks and place wooden planks on top of them to create a buffet table as long as you'd like!

15. Outdoor Seating

Stack the cinder blocks and then put wood through the holes in them to create a different type of outdoor bench!

Do you think you'll try any of these ideas? Make sure you show this article to the crafty people you know to give them new project inspiration!