15 Daily Mantras To Remember To Have A Satisfying Day

Oct 18, 2018 by apost team

Before you go to sleep, chances are you reflect on your day and what you wish, you would have done differently. But no matter how your day has been, you should get in the habit of repeating these 15 positive mantras before sleep so you can feel satisfied with your life.

1. I have the confidence and skill to accomplish anything.


Everyone needs to boost their self esteem occasionally. While it may be tempting to look to others for validation, you can also get reassurance from yourself. Remind yourself that you're a human being with unlimited potential.

Even if you don't have the skills you need to accomplish what you want, you're capable of learning them and adapting to your circumstances.


2. I did my best today.


We're all human beings. No one is capable of doing everything to perfection. Be confident that you've given as much effort as you can, and let yourself be proud of that. Even if other people haven't acknowledged how hard you're working, acknowledging it to yourself matters.

3. I love myself.


One of the most important things you can do is love yourself. You are the only person you'll have a relationship with for your entire life. Make sure you love that person.

4. I'm worthy of love and happiness.


You are a child of this universe. You inherently deserve to have a life that fulfills you and overflows with happiness. Even if you had a day that doesn't seem to reflect this, repeat this mantra to yourself to stay in a positive mindset. When you know you deserve good things, you're more likely to accept them when they come.

5. I am my own person and shouldn't be compared to others.


Life isn't a game where you compete against other people. It's an individual journey of satisfaction and self discovery. Instead of constantly thinking about what other people have, consider the things you already have. No one lives the same life. Don't wish for somebody else's life. Be satisfied with the good things in your own.

6. I already have everything necessary to be happy.


Happiness isn't something you achieve when you get all the success you want. Instead, happiness is a state of being that can come to you anywhere. If you had enough food and water, love from your family, and shelter, you have more of your needs met than most people in the world.

You're an incredible, unique person no matter what. There are so many blessings to appreciate in average daily life.

7. Everything in my life is part of my journey.


No matter whether positive or negative things are happening, everything in your life influences your perspective and the way you see the world. You are constantly learning new things and forming new understandings of the universe.

Make the choices that take you along the path you want, and appreciate the negative situations for the clarity of thought they offer.

8. I'm thankful for my friends and family.


It's important to love yourself, and it's equally important to love the people in your life. Everyone who supports and loves you deserves a little recognition. Even if you don't always get along with your loved ones, they're the people who will stand behind you when you need someone.

9. There is beauty in everything and everyone surrounding me.


Sometimes, especially after a bad day, all the negative thoughts pile up until it seems impossible to think about anything else. Instead of fixating on this, try thinking about the positive things about the people surrounding you and your current situation.

This is a good way to remind yourself that everyone comes from the same place. Also appreciate the positive aspects of yourself, as this helps you relate more positively to things around you.

10. I am good enough.


It doesn't matter whether you've had a bad day, feel like you're not progressing, or think you've done something wrong. Simply by existing, you are good enough to exist. Remind yourself that you're always good enough. You don't owe anyone anything.

11. I don't need anything that no longer helps me.


The negative thoughts don't serve any purpose. They just keep you awake and make you feel bad about your circumstances. If you find yourself thinking negative things that don't help you, gently stop the train of thought by reminding yourself that it isn't helpful.

Try to replace negative thoughts with positive ones that make you feel good.

12. I'm a healthy and vibrant being.


It may seem strange, but one of the key aspects of making your mental health better is to think of yourself already being healthy. Imagine how you'd feel and look as a thriving and strong person.

You have the ability to attain this. Reinforce thoughts about your goals and what you want, instead of fixating on the aspects of your life you don't want.

13. I believe in myself.


It's so important to realize how much value you have. Anything you want can be accomplished. Have faith in yourself and believe that you will get what you want if you just try your best. If you believe in yourself, you'll believe in your own ability to obtain your goals.

14. I have control over my reality.


The way we think influences the way our energy flows throughout our lives. If your life feels out of control, remind yourself that you are ultimately in control of your own reality. You have the ability to influence the world around you.

15. I feel peace with my life.

No matter how chaotic things around you seem, you always have an inner stillness you can turn to. Outside circumstances aren't what bring you true peace. Instead, you have to look inside yourself to find the peace with your circumstances. Take deep breaths and welcome sleep.


What mantras do you use to feel good? Do you have others that you would like to add? Pass this collection on to your friends and loved ones to spread the good energy!