15 Brilliant Hacks To Get The Most Out Of Your Coffee Filters

You know that old box of coffee filters you have laying around your kitchen cabinet? The cheap, useful and effective material can be used for much more than brewing coffee. It’s time to make the most of them with these 15 brilliant hacks you won’t be able to believe you haven’t already thought of!


1. Dusting Screens

The gentle, throwaway paper from a coffee filter does an excellent job as a dust cloth for your electronics. It’s effective yet soft enough to avoid ruining your expensive phones, laptops or televisions.



2. Crafting a Dryer Sheet

To avoid purchasing expensive pre-made dryer sheets from the store, you can achieve the same fresh scents with coffee filters. Add the sheet to your dryer after wetting it with white vinegar and a small amount of the essential oil of your choice.


3. Removing Corn Silk

Corn on the cob, a favorite summertime treat, can be a hassle when it comes to removing the outer silk. Take a coffee filter, rub the outside of the cob, and remove it all easily!


4. Homemade Tea Bags

Coffee filters aren’t just for coffee! Buy some inexpensive looseleaf tea and place it in a coffee filter, stapling it shut securely. You can even mix types of tealeaves or add some saffron to create your own unique flavor.


5. Refresh Your Shoes

Don’t buy into gimmicky products that claim to eliminate shoe odor when you can do it at home with a coffee filter. Place baking soda into the coffee filter, twisting and wrapping the top shut with a rubber band. Place this into your shoes for a freshened scent.


6. Mending Broken Nails

Before cutting off a chipped or broken nail, try mending it with a coffee filter. Take a small cut-out piece from the filter and glue it onto your nail with special nail glue. Buff and polish the nail and you’ll find your nail to be good as new!


7. Cheap Blotting Paper

A pack of blotting sheets for oily skin can cost anywhere from five to fifteen dollars. Coffee filters can be a cost-effective way to blot oil. Cut the filters into halves and keep them with you in your bag!


8. Covering A Drainage Hole

When planting a new flower, it’s a great idea to add a coffee filter to the pot before putting the soil in. This puts a stop to soil leaking from the drainage hole every single time you water the plant!


9. Drip Prevention

Tired of your tablecloth or rugs having food or condiment stains? A coffee filter is great for catching drips. Rubber band a filter around a condiment or liquid bottle to prevent these leaks.


10. Stop Microwave Splatters

We all know the messy splatter that can unfortunately take over the inside of our microwaves. By using a coffee filter over your bowl or plate when heating something up, the splash can be avoided altogether.


11. Car Cleaning

Much like dusting your electronic screens, coffee filters can also be used to clean the dirt and debris from your car surfaces. Use vegetable oil on the filter and wipe down surfaces without the worries and hassle that wipes can be.


12. Protect Your Plates


Although the filters are gentle, they are also sturdy, and that makes them perfect to use in between your expensive dining plates in layers to protect and maintain their integrity.


13. Flavor Your Soup or Stew

If you use spices in your cooking and find it annoying to remove the large leaves, using a coffee filter is a great hack. Pile up your favorite spices into a filter and simply drop into your stew or soup for easy flavor payoff.


14. Separate Treats

Too many snacks and not enough plates? Use coffee filters as small holders for each snack and place them all into a bowl, effectively separating each treat while not using up too much space.


15. Lessen Under Eye-Bags

You can utilize used coffee filters or the tea bags you created to aide your under-eye areas. Antioxidants in both of these beverages help lessen wrinkling of the skin and can diminish puffy or dark circles.

Don't forget to show your friends that coffee filters can be used for so much more than just coffee! Do you have any other coffee filter hacks up your sleeve? Let us know!