14-Year-Old Powerhouse Singer Astonishes 'AGT' Audience With A Voice Beyond His Years

Jul 24, 2021 by apost team

The hit competition series “America’s Got Talent” is known for finding and showcasing a variety of performers with diverse backgrounds and talents. Over the 15 years that the show has been on, the series has highlighted some of the country’s best dancers, singers, comedians and a wide array of other talented acts. With a $1 million prize at stake for the winner and the chance to become a worldwide sensation, many hopefuls come out and audition for the show to prove that they’re worthy of being crowned as the winner.

Dylan Zangwill, a 14-year-old student from Exton, Pennsylvania, auditioned for the competition show to prove that he had a voice unlike anyone else. He performed a rendition of “Somebody To Love” by Queen, a challenging song beyond his years. More than just a teenager with a dream, Dylan proved that he was a real force to be reckoned with as he put his heart and soul into his powerful performance, showcasing some brilliant and strong vocals while doing so.

Airing on July 20, 2021, Dylan’s audition has become a viral sensation with plenty of “America’s Got Talent” fans left in shock upon hearing the teenager’s powerful vocals. People were blown away by his musical abilities at playing the piano, but even more surprised at how big his voice was for being so young. Already possessing plenty of stage presence, Dylan’s performance highlighted the rising star’s undeniable talent with a voice beyond his years and all the potential to fully succeed as a star in the future.

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Dylan took to the “America’s Got Talent” stage to show off his amazing talent as an aspiring singer and musician. “I’ve been doing this all my life,” Dylan told the judges, expressing just how much he loved singing and playing the piano. Even though he had a huge bundle of talent bursting inside of him, Dylan was a bit shy when it came to sharing that talent with his friends at school. “People know I’m a singer and musician, but I’m never really openly talking about it,” he explained. When judge Simon Cowell asked why that was, the teenager responded, “I like hearing what other people are doing and, I’m not a big fan of talking about myself all that much.”

Taking his seat behind a digital piano, the 14-year-old boy began playing a familiar melody,  shocking the audience and judges with the sound of his voice. Embodying the strength and stage presence of the late Freddie Mercury, Dylan poured his heart and soul into his performance of Queen’sSomebody To Love.” His version was extremely polished and mature despite the teenager’s young age.

Almost instantly, Dylan began receiving a loud round of applause and cheers from the audience, with the judges smiling and happily watching his performance. The 14-year-old’s voice was unwavering throughout the entire song as he showed off his impressively wide vocal range, hitting every note like he was a true professional. Ending his audition with an impressive note, Dylan received a standing ovation from judges Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara, and another booming round of applause from the audience.


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